Forced Fowl

December 8, 2011
By Anonymous

It started to get very cold. The corn is coming down because of some type of loud source of machinery. I have seen it all before, right before the white fluff comes. Our home is now gone. We knew it was going to happen sometime, so I have looked for some other places that we can live while the corn is gone. That would be a meadow so that piece of ground would stay, and we won`t have to worry about the meadow all going away. I told her it was a distance away. We are hiding in the rocks discussing how we are going to get there. She is awestruck by what is happening to our home. I told her that it would be better for us to live in the field. She doesn’t think that the field is better for us because it isn’t a permanent home. We had the food, the shelter, the warmth. It was better for us. Still looking at the half plowed corn field, she said this is why I grew up in the meadow. She just couldn`t believe that it was all gone. I told her that we can still stay here and get all the food we need because it will be easier to retrieve it off the ground and not from the stalk. We stayed a while and hide while the machine was harvesting. After the stalks were gone, we had to go to the meadow I had found. I found a closer place for my wife to stay. I went to the new place and found an excellent spot. It was two days away, and on my way back to my wife on the farm. I had to rest. It was early in the morning. It came so fast. I tried to fly away, then a bang! I was circling down. I was then grabbed by a four-legged beast. I had seen something like this before. It was one of the things that was controlling that horrendous machine. I was being choked; I was spun.
Meanwhile waiting for her husband to return was a lonely pheasant in the cold. Not knowing how far away this place was; where it was hidden away from life. Waiting, waiting for no one to come.

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