the one in the dark

November 19, 2011
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they pushed me into a dark room and slammed the door shut. Agenst the wall, my bare body burned with shock and pain. I sat there dumb struck letting the anger swell up and boil inside of me. I pushed my self off the the wall. i start to scream, yell and i slammed on the door.


minutes passed... i stopped. everything was getting blurry.. black.

tears filled my eyes as i hit the cold damp floor, stairing into the darkness. my short life events passed by me so fast it made a change in the still, cold air.


why me?

what did i do to deserve this?

why not someone else?

I sat there naked, alone in the cold.

in the dark.

i was discusted in myself.

i started to cry.

Everything got blurry... then black.

I blinked a dew times as i slowly started to stand up and a pain ran down my back.

where was i?

... but then it hit me like a loaded train, and the world once again fell on my shoulders.

i curled up into the corner and staired into the other corner of the small room.

i heard a crack, then a slam as the passage door opened. a stone hard bread was on the floor but then... again... darkness.

the walls where caveing in..

days. hours. minutes.

i dont know how long it has been.

i sat there shivering

(7 days later)

i woke up but i closed my eyes and didn't move. the only part of the day that felt normal before being slapped across the face by reality. the sound of his heart beat that echoed through his head and off the walls of the small room.

BOOM... BOOM... BOOM....

(19 days later)

I looked down.


im going crazy

the bread was smaller then yesterday.

smaller then a week ago

half the size from the first day.

he felt numb...

im crazy

(24 days later)



the room got bigger

or he got smaller?

(3 days later)

was there ever a such thing as love?



everything is numb

everything is.....





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