Icy Kiss

October 27, 2011
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All it would take was a kiss. A simple graze of the lips would suffice her needs. She would have her special moment so powerful that it would freeze time. She was known for her beauty with brown curls down her back, gentle golden eyes, and glittering olive skin. Her thoughts betrayed her sleep. Sweat ringed down her body as she tossed around her bed. She gripped around her sheets trying to control her subconscious mind.

Her dream morphed and changed into something vicious and spiteful. The grass that glowed dimmed gray. The melodic sea that rang froze into silence. The sun that stood fell deeply into the ground. Hades’ realm rose from the ashes. Colors drained from everything around her and the world leaked into lifelessness. She stood surrounded by dust and the lies of her past.

Darkened souls emerged from the sand cleaving and gashing to get to her. The sky stirred and circled the ground. Sparks began to explode and fire became the sky. The souls chained her to the ground forcing her on her knees. Two demonic forms latched onto her ears and spread their desires. Fire thundered in the skies lighting her eyes and her parents stood beside her shimmering into existence. They incarcerated her requests and seeded their own.
Another figure approached and whipped at the demons and made them vanish. The newcomer took her chains onto him and got closer to her lips. Their lips only pedals away she looked at her savior to find horns on his head. He laughed at her stare and his claws traced her body. Only in her mind could she shriek at the pain and the more she stirred the deeper his claws went. He was able to penetrate her sacred sanctuary and plague the fertile land.
Her body took what it received without the consent of her mind. The pits within her ate at her insides and bloomed into demonic creatures suckling the blood from her body. Fire, chains, and demonic beings everything seemed to tear at her body and barring her like a cage. A white robed figured approached her carrying a scythe. The figure lifted the scythe and punctured her heart and she saw her golden eyed killer.
She awoke, light streaming through her kitchen window. Shattered plates sheltered the floor. Smears of blood decorated the walls and red lines engraved her body. She looked around hastily for an answer to her dreadful night. She shuddered onto the floor and choked for air. At her request, the kiss of death would convert her. White light began to consume her mind and take her back to the other world. She meant to fight, but her mind and body continued to be tranquil. She let herself free of her body and left the world happily with a knife pierced through her heart.

“Pamela love,” a man said walking through the front door. “I’m back from dropping the kids off, I hope breakfast is ready.”

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