The Fall

October 10, 2011
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It’s been two days since I hit my head. I had been out walking through the mountains and forests of the Highlands, training for my upcoming Duke of Edinburgh Award walk. My brother was supposed to come with me, but had to pull out at the last minute due to a footballing injury, fate must have had it in store for me. The day had started out clear, but then a bank of fog rolled in through the forest obscuring my view. Panicking slightly I began to run and tripped over an exposed tree root and hit my head on a rock, but luckily nothing too serious happened to me, I just had a massive headache.
Yesterday, I found a nice clear spot with just a little mud, set up camp, then went to sleep. This morning when I woke up, I felt a very strange tingling sensation all over my body and a strange sense of weightlessness; I shrugged this off as my body adjusting to the effects of the thin mountain air and walked on. I passed a hunter with his two kids out hunting deer. I asked the man if he could help me get back to my house from here because I have never been to this part of the forest and I am lost, no answer, I just took this as the hunter being a complete and utter snob and kept on walking. While I was walking I decided to have a laugh and scare some pigeons just like old times. I ran at the stupid flying rats and screamed as loud as I could but the pigeons didn’t move a muscle. Why was everyone and everything ignoring me? I tried scaring other animals and the same thing happened. I was beginning to get creeped out. Had I became invisible?? Don’t be stupid, I thought, that’s impossible isn’t it. I had a flashback to that old film “ The invisible Man” where a scientist is conducting an experiment with light and the experiment backfires turning him permanently invisible, cool, I thought but then I suddenly remembered the ending, the scientist went insane from the loneliness since nobody could see him or even acknowledge his existence.
Shaking the frightening thought from my head I continued walking around for a while longer and ended up at a lodge in the middle of nowhere. I knew it was occupied as a large plume of smoke was coming from the chimney and the smell of food wafted through the open window. I went to the door and rang the doorbell and guess what..... NO ANSWER. Getting tired of being ignored I went and looked through the window and saw that the house was full of people. I began to bang on the window, several times everyone in the house appeared to be looking right at me but at the same time there was a look in their eyes that worried me. It looked as if they didn’t know where the knocking sound came from, I began to bang on the window again and the people in the house gave me the same blank doubtful look. The flashback of “The invisible man” came back and this time I started to believe it. What happened when I fell that could have caused me to become invisible to everyone.
I decided to re trace my footsteps back to where I fell, so I turned round and what I saw shocked me, I didn’t have any footsteps! People kept ignoring me, apparently couldn’t see or hear me and now I had no footsteps. What was happening to me?
After walking in what felt like endless circles for hours, I finally reached a clearing where I saw a number police cars and an ambulance sitting in the middle of the clearing. From where I stood someone was being loaded onto the ambulance, I quickly went over and asked one of the medics if I could get a lift back to civilization but he was obviously too busy with the patient so I just hopped in and took a seat.
After a short journey the ambulance stopped at the entrance to A&E and the patient was quickly wheeled into a roomful of waiting doctors and nurses, I followed the doctors to the table where they took the sheet off of the body.
I nearly screamed because the body that was on the table had a massive open wound leading right into his brain. That wasn’t even the worst bit , you see, the worst thing about the limp, lifeless body on the table with the gaping hole in his head was that I instantly recognised it, I had seen it in the mirror every single day........IT WAS MINE !!!!!!!!

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