The House Down the Street

September 12, 2011
By JB143 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
JB143 BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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“Did you hear about the house down the street?” , Said McKinley to her best friend Lailah.
“Yeah, I hear its haunted inside,” replied Lailah.

“ Well I was thinking maybe we should go inside and check it out and see if it’s really haunted or not. Then we can tell everyone whether or not its haunted.” Said McKinley.
“Yeah let’s go check it out tonight night.” Answered Lailah.

The two girls made their mind up and decided that they would go and get supplies for their evening trip to the house. They went inside of their big, dark garages and got the following supplies: a flash light so that they could see in the dark, black colored clothes, so that no one would see them going inside and leaving the house, they also got walkie talkies in case they got separated and needed to get a hold of each other. They finally got everything ready to go when Lailah said, “I don’t really know if this is a good idea any more. I mean what if something happens to us.”
“ Lailah, nothing is going to happen to us the worst thing that could happen is that we will get scared to death.” McKinley replied. “Okay, so let’s go.
As the two girls started walking down the street their stomachs started to get nauseas because they were afraid. The girls finally reach the front yard of the house. The house was made out of brick, but had moss growing all over it, and had the roof caving in. The grass was long and tall and the front steps of the house were broken into little pieces. This made the girls decide that they will sneak around back and use the back door instead of the front. When they reached the back door both girls were scared and didn’t want to go in, but they didn’t want to say anything. They walked to the door and started to open the door slowly. “Are you ready McKinley?” Lailah said nervously.
“Yeah let’s get it over with.”
Lailah slowly stepped inside of the door and told McKinley to shut the door behind her. As soon as the door shut they heard a low creepy voice that whispered “beware”. Both of the girls jumped.
“Maybe we should just go and forget about this Lailah.”
Lailah ignored McKinley and just kept walking. “Well it’s obvious that they didn’t clean the house.” Lailah joked.
As the girls walk through the house they find a stair case and decide to go up. As they headed up they could hear the stairs squeak and sound like they were going to break any second. When suddenly Lailah’s foot fell through the old stairs. “Are you alright?” McKinley yelled.
“Yeah just help me get my foot out of here.” Replied Lailah.
They got her foot out of the stair case and went into a room. The room was dark and had an old desk with a chair that looked like it had been chewed on by an animal. There also was a bed that was dusty and falling apart. “Look, what is that?” McKinley said.
“It looks like an old Barney doll.” Replied Lailah.
“I love you, you love me.”
“Seriously McKinley stop singing that its, freaking me out.” Yelled Lailah.
“What? That’s not me; I thought it was you singing that.” Yelled McKinley.
“No”. Replied Lailah.
They both turned and looked at the Barney doll sitting on the bed. Its eyes were glowing red. “Maybe we should get out of here.” Said McKinley.
“I’m with you on that.”
The two girls left the room and went into the family room. There were old pictures on the wall that were mostly faded but you could still tell what it was. In one of the pictures there was an old man with two young boys. There was an old box TV that looked like it had its last days. The two girls had never seen some of the things in the house because the things were so old. They had only heard of the things, but they were glad that technology had improved. “ cshhhhhh.”
The two girls turned around and noticed that there was a black circle in the middle of the t.v. screen. Then an old man flashed on the screen but then suddenly went away. “Ahhh.” The two girls screamed. “Did you see that McKinley”, said in a shaky voice.
“Yyyyeeeaaahhhh, let’s get out of this room” Lailah said in a scared voice.
The two girls were still in shock from the TV but decided to get out of that room and go into another one. The two girls walked into a room that looked like a library. They were looking around when they found a book laying on an old desk. The book had tears in it and the pages were yellow and crinkled. When the girls lifted up the book a page fell out. When the girls picked up they found a paper that read “Kid murder found”. As they continued reading it said“He was taking kids in his house and killing them. When he was found he said that he didn’t mean to kill them. But that didn’t matter because on August 15th, 1920 he went to court. The judge charged him with murder and sentenced him 10 years in prison. Although they sentenced him 10 years, he got out after 5 years for good behavior. He said that he was a changed man and was going to spend the rest of his life with his family. On October the 31st 1940 he was shot inside of his house. It was said that the person who killed him was his grandson. The reason why he killed him is still unknown.” Wow can you believe this,” said McKinley.
“ I know the guy in the pictures was the killer and he lived in this house, replied Lailah.
The girls took the paper and decided to go down stairs to the basement after what they have learned about the house. As the girls were walking down the hall way, they saw a figure in the distance that looked like a man. “Do you see that.” “Yeah I think I ‘m ready to leave now, I’m scared.”
“Let’s see what that is up there” said Lailah.
The girls walked closer to the figure an soon realized what they were looking at. “Its him, the killer Lailah, he’s staring at us,” said McKinley.
Suddenly the man started to speak,“ I can hear you girls, why are you in my house”. “I think it’s time for you to leave, unless you want to stay and end up like me.”
The two girls started running for the stairs. When they ran by him, he grabbed McKinley and Lailah didn’t even notice she just kept running and fumbling down the stairs. McKinley tried to scream but was so nervous that she couldn’t get it out. McKinley felt like something had went into her skin, but didn’t know for sure. “Now get out of my house”. The man said as he pushed her down the stairs.
Lailah was already outside waiting for McKinley to come, while she was falling down the stair case. McKinley soon jumped up `and ran to the door and ran out. “Are you okay McKinley.”
McKinley told her what happened and said she didn’t feel so good so she was going to go home but would text her later. The girls ran off to their houses and returned home to tell their parents what happened. Later that night Lailah decided to text McKinley and see if she was feeling better. But McKinley never answered so she guessed she was busy and so Lailah just went to bed. “Lailah wake up” her mom said.
Lailah noticed the look in her eyes that said something was wrong. “ Yeah mom what is it.”
“I’m sorry Lailah but McKinley’s mom just called me and said that McKinley died. Her mom said she didn’t wake up this morning.”
Lailah was speech less all she could think was what happened to her. One thing that popped up in her head was that she said her arm hurt. What if the man did that to her, is all that ran through her mind.
A few days later McKinley’s family held a funeral for her. Everyone was crying and wondering what happened to her. Lailah got married 10 years later and had three kids who she tells the story of her adventure to. Lailah went on to be an author. Her most famous book was the one telling about her and McKinley’s adventure through the haunted house. She won three awards for it. Lailah still goes and visits McKinley’s grave stone and brings her flowers. Till this day she still believes in her theory of what happened to McKinley.

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