The Game of Clue

September 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Mr. Green is dead.

The weather outside is horrendous. The sky is unrecognizable, leaving a mysterious feeling to it. The wind blows the snow in various directions, creating a white blanket of snow. The temperature just fell to -5 degrees Fahrenheit causing almost everything in sight to freeze. One step outside could lead to frostbite. This is the first bad storm of the winter for the residents of Greenwich, Connecticut. Mr.Green’s mansion could be seen from miles away on a normal evening, but this is no typical evening. Mr.Green’s mansion looks unbelievable in the surrounding snow, like a beautiful, exquisite winter castle. The guests arrive one by one in fancy attire for the occasion. They are celebrating the engagement of Ms.Scarlett and Mr.Green. Upon their arrival, the guests are given a drink of their choice, and sit waiting for the evening to begin.

Among waiting for the hosts of the evening the guests become reacquainted. Soon after, they set off in separate directions. First we are introduced to Colonel Mustard. He is a stern, dexterous, and well mannered man. Always up for a good game, we find Colonel Mustard in the billiard room, shooting some pool. Next, we have Ms.Peacock. She is a charming, frail, innocent women, known to always lend a helping hand. She is found in the kitchen, assisting Mrs. White with this evenings dinner. Mrs. White is Mr.Green’s loyal maid and chef, and has been for ten years. Our final guest is Professor Plum. Professor Plum is a renowned biology professor at Harvard University. An ingenious, sensible man, always looking to discover something new, he is seen keeping to himself in the library, soaking up a good book. Although he appears to be a friendly, kind soul, he is often known for being unapproachable. Next is one of our hosts for the night, Ms.Scarlett, who happens to be in her fiance’s room, snooping around once again. This isn’t the second or third time she has done this, oh no, she does this often. No one seems to notice, that is, besides Ms.Peacock who has witnessed this occur once before. Dinner is almost ready, and Ms.Scarlett is done doing what she has to do. All the guests are hungry and tired, awaiting for dinner to be served.

As dinner is just about to be called, Mrs.White gathers the guests at the bottom of the stair case to announce the hosts. “ Here are the hosts for this evenings festivities,” she announces. Only Mrs. Scarlett arrived to be presented. Mr. Green is nowhere to be found. The others look around curiously.

“Where is Mr. Green?” Mrs. White asks anxiously to Mrs. Scarlett.

“ Last I heard, he went outside to the cellar for our best wine, no need to be uptight everyone, and welcome all!”

Beginning to settle down, everyone starts to head to the dining room for dinner. One by one, in a straight line. Not one person makes a noise; the halls are silent. They arrive there, take their seats, and sit quietly. The food is already presented on the table, but no one touches their food due to the missing host, Mr. Green. The tension grows as minutes tick by, and the guests become impatient. Ms. Scarlett insists everyone starts eating the feast Mrs.White prepared. Ms. Peacock, sitting across the table from Ms. Scarlett, makes a quick comment about how rude it was to start a meal without the host. Ignoring the comment, Ms. Scarlett asks Mrs. White to go fetch Mr.Green in the cellar and bring back some wine with her. At the command, Mrs.White gets her coat and strolls though the kitchen to go out back.

She turns the lights on, she observes the falling snow outside. “Worst storm of the winter,” the news said, worst they’ve seen in years. But no, Mr.Green said tonight was the only night to have this dinner party, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. The snow begins to fall even heavier. Squinting, she spots a pile of snow bigger than the rest surrounding it. Curious, she begins to dig at the pile of snow. After a minute or two, she beings to make out an object. . . .then a person. . . then Mr.Green. Shrieking in terror, she steps back inside.

His body was laying there just cold and limp, cadaverous. How could this happen? It can’t be real, he can’t be dead. When Mrs. White found his body her screech was loud enough to get the attention of everyone in the mansion. They rush out to the yard to see what possibly could have happened to cause such a screech. Once they reach Mrs.White, they slowly look down with unbelieving faces, faces of horror and fear. Colonel Mustard knelt down to look at the body, he then brushed off the snow from the lifeless body. You could hear the gasps from the others at the sight of the bruises. All of them were in shock, Ms. Scarlet broke down into tears. Her fiancé was dead. Mrs. White tries to remain calm and starts leading everyone back into the house saying they would call the police. However, when they arrived in the kitchen, it was Ms. Peacock who noted that the phone lines were dead due to the snow. Panic spread from person to person. Mr.Green was dead, Mr.Green was murdered, Mr.Green was gone. Now how were they going to find out who did this to him?

Professor Plum was the first to be blamed. After all it was a known fact that he wanted Ms. Scarlet. Could the talented, erudite Professor Plum be a killer? Ms. Peacock was quick to list reasons why he would do it, and how.

“ He’s quiet and never lets anyone know what he’s thinking. Who knows what goes on in that mind of his? For all we know, he could be a twisted monster!”

“Ms.Peacock, I understand this is upsetting for all of us, but lets be pragmatic about it,please, listen to yourself!” Professor Plum responds to her ranting.

“ Think about it people, he was alone at the time, and could have followed Mr.Green outside and beat him to death, the proof is uncanny. He probably had this all planned out in that brain of his”

Just then, Professor Plum noticed the calmness in Ms. Scarlet’s face. He immediately turned the blame to her.

“Look at Ms.Scarlett over there, all calm as if her fiance wasn’t just murdered, does no one else find that to be rather odd?”

She jumped out of her chair, ready to defend herself when she was abruptly interrupted by Ms. Peacock’s screaming. Pointing to Ms. Scarlet, “IT WAS HER!” The room became silent with anticipation, as each person’s thoughts began to wonder about the current situation. Professor Plum stood up, and explained what Ms.Scarlett’s motive would be. He slowly and calmly began to explain.

“May I enlighten you with the information that our dear Scarlett is actually poor, and is the daughter of a maid. Not just any old maid either, but our dear Mrs.White. From that information, its obvious she was marrying Mr.Green for his money.”

“I saw her rummaging though Mr.Green’s things once, probably looking for money.” Ms.Peacock added.

Prof. Plum convinced them all that she must have gone with him to get wine, killed him and came back in to steal all of his money. In an accusing tone he continued to say how guilty Ms. Scarlet is, as she just sat there in shock. She whispered her mother’s name. She felt guilty for giving up her mother but in her mind it all made sense. She stood up, and announced to everyone that her mother never approved of Mr.Green and always had hoped for Mr.Green’s doom. Jaws dropped at this shocking information. Mrs. White was the maid for her daughter’s fiancé of whom she didn’t approve. So of course she would want him dead to protect her daughter. However Mrs. White would not put up with being blamed for murder she did not commit, so of course she stated how wrong everyone was, and how she couldn’t have done it. They all stood in the kitchen arguing over who to blame while Mr. Greens body has been left outside in the cold, forgotten.

All the chaos caused them to panic and to not trust each other, It affected Mrs. Peacock the most. She couldn't stand to be the same room, breathing the same air as Ms. Scarlet, or anyone for that matter. Mrs. Peacock tried to keep her rage inside. She was convinced Ms. Scarlet killed Mr. Green for his money. To her, Ms. Scarlet didn't know the meaning of love, how could she? Ms.Peacock loved Mr. Green. She always has, and yet he chose some daughter of a maid over her. She believed Ms. Scarlet was marrying him for his money, not love. Whereas, Mrs. Peacock was in love with him for his kind, gentle heart. It was then when she made her decision.

After Mrs. Peacock decided to leave the kitchen to get away from the arguing, everyone seemed to go to separate rooms. Each one thought they knew who was the killer. Each one had a motive, but who had to guts to do it? They were stuck a in mansion, with a killer, and they had no way to know who it was. Professor Plum went into the library, sat down, and began writing. He wrote down the names of everyone in the mansion, their motives, and how they might have killed him. He was determined to solve this mystery. Colonel Mustard, however, was looking for clues in the eyes of everyone. He believed he would determine who the killer was by their actions, and the gazes in their eyes. The person he watched the most was Mrs. White. After they all separated, she stayed to clean up dinner. Why would one clean, when there is a dead body outside? Little did Colonel Mustard know, he was watching the wrong person.

Upstairs, Ms. Scarlet is putting her belongings into a suitcase. Not because she is trying to leave, but because the tragic news is eating away at her, pushing her out of the house. She wanted the house to be where she lived and started a family with her rich, kind husband. Now the house will only haunt her with memories of being the place where she lost everything and everyone. She hears a gentle knock at the door. Without turning her back, she says to come in. The person at the door walks in lightly. Ms. Scarlet believes she is hearing things because she does not hear footsteps. When she turns to see who came in, if anyone even did, she just sees an open door. She has a confused look on her face and shuts the door quietly. When she goes to return to her suitcase, she is grabbed and a pillow becomes lodged over her face. Struggling, she can't escape the grip of her attacker. Ms. Scarlet's breathing beginnings to stop. Her attacker lays her body on the bed, places the suitcase open on the floor, and walks out of the room.

It has been twenty minutes since the attack on Ms. Scarlet. Professor Plum is convinced Ms. Scarlet is the killer. When he goes to find Colonel Mustard to tell him his assumption, he finds him in the Billiard room, intoxicated. Seeing Colonel Mustard in this condition made Professor Plum not want to share his assumption. Therefore, he decides to go confront Ms. Scarlet himself. When he goes up the stairs into the bedroom, he finds her just as she was left, lifeless just like her soon-to-be spouse was. Professor Plum let out a scream. His first thought was that there, in fact, is a killer among them. He then decided he would stay in a locked room alone all night until the storm passed and he was able to leave. He wasn’t going to die in this nightmare. He finds one of the deserted rooms, locks himself in it, and lays down, trying to forget everything he has witnessed the past four hours. No one notices Professor Plum or Ms.Scarlett’s absence, with Colonel Mustard drunk and Mrs.White in her room praying, the only one left to discover the dead body of Ms.Scarlett is Ms.Peacock, who is nowhere to be seen.

Everyone sleeps with one eye open, prepared to attack at a moments notice. The snow begins to slow down as the night progresses, and by morning the snow has stopped. The phone lines are reconnected, and Mrs.White makes an announcement for everyone to come downstairs.

“ I’ve called the police, and they are on their way. Who ever committed this act of murder better step forward, because the police will find out who it is sooner or later.”

“ Where is the Professor and Ms.Scarlett?” Ms. Peacock noted.

Just then, Professor Plum comes out from hiding with a crazy look on his face. You can tell he had been crying. His eyes were red and puffy, with lines that showed he didn’t receive much sleep. Everyone looks around expecting to see Ms.Scarlett to appear behind him, but there is nothing. Professor Plum steps down to the others, and explains that their dear Ms.Scarlett has murdered, just like her beloved fiance. Everyone gasps in astonishment. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. Mrs.White jumps five feet in the air, then hurries to the door.

“Thank goodness you’re here police officer, we now have two murder cases on our hands. My daughter was murdered!”

“I’m so sorry miss, would everyone please evacuate the house? We need to search the surroundings, and all of you are under arrest as of right now until we find the killer.”

“ We understand officer, and thank you. Mr.Green’s body is outside and Ms.Scarlett is. . . in her room. Thats upstairs on the left.” Professor Plum responds.

The guests of what was suppose to be a dinner party set off to the local police station. The police searched every inch of the mansion, and discovered that Mr.Green wasn’t murdered, he merely slipped. He appeared that he must have slipped on ice which caused him to be unconscious. The snow slowly began to cover his body, and he died of hypothermia. Ms.Scarlett, they decided, committed suicide because of the stress of losing her fiance. The guests were released from the police stations when this was announced, and finally everyone had time to grieve the loss of their friends. Everyone, that is, besides one. One person was celebrating the success of killing Ms.Scarlett. It’s funny how the supposed murder of one, lead to the actual murder of another.

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