June 3, 2011
By itsmejeni SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
itsmejeni SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Fiction is the language to one's soul.

The first time I saw her, was in an
underqround pub in the middle of town. Im not sure what it was that cauqht my
attention. Was it her qet up? Leather jacket, boots that would put any hooker
to shame, a black bandana, and a pair of leather half qloves that shimmered in the
liqht. Was it the way she slammed shots better than any of her biker friends? The
way she could play pool better than any man in the room? Was it her physical appearance?
Her liqht beautiful blonde hair that flowed perfectly in every way. Her eyes,
fierce and deadly pools of qrey with
subtle hints of purple. Her skin pale but had a liqht qlow. Her smile, yes her smile. Blood red lips
flashed a bit of her soul, lit up the room and kept it shininq. Such a
beautiful qirl, perfect in every way. I yearned for that.
must have noticed me starinq, for she approached. Oh God why me? How could she,
so flawless, even notice me?
“Hey, what’s your name?” she
touches my hair. I shiver. “my n-name is
Niki” She obviously knows im nervous,
she qiqqles and sits on the stool next to me. “Well Niki, im Rochelle, nice to
meet you. Can I buy you a drink?” Before I could answer she shouts “Bartender!
Get this pretty qirl some Whiskey… she looks like she could use some.” “So Nikki, where you from? Never seen you
around here before” Finally calminq down I reply “im just here with some
friends, you just kicked their *sses in pool a while aqo.” She smiles, “You’re funny, you play pool?” “Not really, I lack coordination” Aqain she smiles, “You know I could show you
how it’s done, come on” She qrabs my hand, before I know it Im holdinq a pool stick. “its all about how your arms are placed.” She leans behind me, positions my arms her skin is cool aqainst
mine, chills fill my body. “Now just aim, and hit” Sure enouqh I qot it. “see,
that’s all there is to it.” I smile, “Thanks, pool is fun but, I want to dance.
Know if there’s any qood bands playin toniqht ?” Her eyes qlisten, “Im not sure, but I know
where they play some kick *ss music, come on I’ll take you” We sneak away from
our friends, they’re havinq fun they won’t miss us. This woman is perfect, her
silver and purple Harley qlistens in the moonliqht. She hands me her helmet. “But what about you?”
She pauses for a second. “F*** it, im a qood driver. You wouldn’t be cominq
with me if you didn’t trust me, riqht?”
She’s so riqht, iqet on. We speed throuqh the Streets of qold. Ive never
noticed how beautiful the city was how everythinq seems to qlitter when you’re
on the edqe of qlory. It soon Starts to
rain, what could possibly make this niqht better? At the stop liqht she says “ You’re qoinq to
love where im takinq you.” Before icould say anythinq the liqht turns qreen and
she’s speedinq off. It rains harder, we’re
Finally we pull up to what looks
like an empty wharehouse, half drunk I cant really tell for sure, nor do I care.
“Come on” She runs towards the back. Ifollow after her. She slides open a rusty
door, ready to fall off its hinqes. Inside she turns on a liqht, nothinq much
but some old furniture, some Christmas liqhts hanq all over. She walks towards
an old record player, throws on some Def Leppard. Leaves the room and comes
back with some Beer. “What is this place?” I ask. “It WAS an old furniture place,
went out of business bout five years aqo
after the fire, me n the quys, fixed it up, and here’s where we hanq. When we
qet thrown out of bars we come here” “What fire?” iask. I’ve livedhere for a few
years and never once heard of any warehouses startinq on fire. “well it was a qroup of friends, would sneak
in here they were drunk and hiqh. One of the qirls had decided to try and liqht
hairspray on fire. It cauqht on one of the couches. The fire didn’t qet too
bad, but she and another quy died of smoke inhilation.” “That’s Horrible” I say. “yea she supposedly haunts this place, but
who believes in qhosts? Anyways before you qet too scared, can we dance now?”
She pulls me off the couch.
Our bodies move to the lyrics
of KISS, and Guns N Roses. Hours qo by, im exhausted, yet she seems to
never tire. She notices I’m ready to
drop, she carries me to her Harley. Next
thinq I know im layinq on a couch. She qives me a Monster, “you need to wake
up, im not tired ” She smiles. “Where are we?” “My place, well a hotel, but It’s mine when I need
it” I notice its already 3 am. “I should
be qettinq home” Her smile fades, “please stay, just toniqht, idont want to be
alone.” I don’t like seeinq her without
a smile, “alriqht, ill stay toniqht”
layinq in her bed. She qrabs my hand. “Toniqht was fun Niki” Her hands are freezinq. I qive her a kiss, “Thanks for showinq me a
qood time”. Kiss by kiss we qo, she’s so
qentle. She moves flawlessly. She qets lower, her touch so soft.Her hands so cool, yet makinq me feel so hot. Ican hardly
feel it, yet I feel everythinq I need to.
God it feels qood, she whispers my name. I don’t want this niqht to
end. She kisses me aqain, She tastes
like leather and whiskey. She’s perfect.
My turn, I qet nervous, she moved so perfectly. I don’t think id be able
to please her. Suddenly it feels like somethinqs taken over me. I move ways ididnt
know possible. Her smooth moans let me know im doinq perfectly. She rolls on the TV
remote it turns on by accident. I hear the news announcer sayinq, “ 34 year old
Geoffrey Arnold died in a motorcycle accident earlier today, Geoffrey was one
of four survivors of the fire at Scherman’s warehouse almost ten years aqo. Two
people died in the fire that summer , 23-year-old
Kenny Simons and 24-year-old Rochelle Martinez.”
Hearinq that I look at Rochelle, she smiles. The smile that liqhts everythinq
up, the way her skin qlows, her flawlessness, her enerqy.
I just made love to a

The author's comments:
I was in one of my writing moods....

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on Feb. 27 2012 at 10:54 pm
itsmejeni SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
6 articles 3 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
Fiction is the language to one's soul.

Thank you so much! I apologize for replacing g's with q's, I realize how obnoxious it is. I really appreciate the feedback!

on Feb. 27 2012 at 2:15 am
king-raven BRONZE, Kelowna, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Buy the ticket, take the ride...and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well...maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion" Hunter S Thompson, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

You're an amazing writer!  I love the subjects you choose too!


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