The Happening Pt. 2 Minx

July 19, 2011
By bluefadoodle SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
bluefadoodle SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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I sat there for what felt like three days crying and feeling sorry for myself. But then I realized that if I really was a princess and this really was real that I had to go and save my kingdom, my family. So I pushed all of my emotions into a big knot in my stomach, lit a match for my old candle lamp and started down the tunnel.

It seemed to go on forever I tried to remember which way did my mom say to go. H mm oh wait the map, it was hard to see in the dim light and it looked a little smudged (probably from all of my tears on it) but I could still read it.

“You are here”
“Who said that” I demanded.
“Me who?” I asked.
“Me Minx”
“Minx I live in the map and if you say “let Minx out” I can get out and help you get to apeilia”
“Wait how do I know this isn't a trick”
“I can answer any question about you. What would you like to know?”

I pondered what I could ask him the Minx. What was something I could ask that only someone who really knew me would know. I know
“Where was I born” I asked positive he wouldn't have the answer. I tried to hold a serious look on my face but it was really hard. When I knew he wouldn't have the answer and I would win (I love winning by the way).
“In Umatac Guam” the Minx said certainly.
“Would you like the exact address or not?”
“Ok since you think you're so smart what is the exact address?”
“4021 Klicklecat Dr. in the living room at 2:43 am in a blow up pool. Shall I continue?”
“Ok well that is just weird”.
“You only think it is weird because you know it is right”.
“Ok fine I will let you out on one condition”. I thought about this for a moment then I had it “Ok you have to promise me that you will do whatever I say no arguments got it”.
“Yes I promise cross my liver and hope to fly”
The minx sighed “It means I promise duh” “Oy humans”
I took a deep breath and said it (which to my surprise I didn't regret saying) “Let Minx out.” Just then there was a whirlwind of color like someone set off a spinning smoke bomb. Then after the smoke cleared up and I could see out of my eyes again I saw a little I guess you could describe it as a little blue tiger mixed with a black kitten.
“I am minx” said the little blue, (cat I guess).
“Now lets get you to apeilia ok?”
“Umm yeah sure I guess”
“Give me the map we should be there in no time”
“about five minutes later I heard a loud pounding coming from behind us it didn't take a rocket scientists to figure out what was going on. The crilocs had found me and soon there would be no hope for apeilia.

The author's comments:
this is part 2 in a series i am writing called the happening. if you want to know morwe about it read the first story.

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