the Killer

June 15, 2011
By , Felton, CA
‘Hey, you!’ Brie had started to walk across the street when she heard that command. She turned. Just then, a thin, almost invisible string of fishing wire was strung across the road just in front of Brie. The voice had disappeared, or rather, the person the voice belonged to. She turned to walk across. Brie tripped on the wire. And just then a truck loomed in front of Brie… she screamed…

An ambulance siren screamed in the night. It suggested a death or at least a serious injury. Jen had awoken when it first sounded. It meant action. It meant more work. She’d gotten up and dressed quickly. Then she drove off to the hospital.

It had been a young woman of 35. She’d tripped over her own feet and had fallen into the path of an oncoming truck.

Jen had rushed into the emergency room. She looked at the young patient. The doctor strode in. He looked at Jen. He shook his head. There was no hope.

‘Yes sir. Right away sir.’ And then, ‘Keene, report to the chief. Immediately.’ ‘Right.’ Someone had reported a murderer on the loose.

He was satisfied. Two down, one to go. First, her brother, now her. All he needed was to get her son…

Jen was confused. Why had she been called in if her ‘patient’ was dead? As if reading her mind, Dr. Mitchel spoke. ‘We called you in because she hadn’t died but did before you got here.’

‘If she wasn’t dead, and you’re a doctor, why didn’t you save her?’

‘I couldn’t find the tools, only you know where they are kept.’

‘You’re wrong, two others know about them. You … and Kit.’

He’d forgotten about that. That he also knew. A small detail overlooked. Not large enough to raise suspicion. The suspicion would be thrown on Kit. Her son. Her 15 year old son. Not Jen’s, but the dead one, Brie. Her son. Just little suspicions placed here and there…

‘He WHAT?’ Jen’s eyes grew wide as the doctor relayed the message. ‘Not him! Not Kit. He wouldn’t!’
‘That’s what I said.’ responded Dr. Mitchel. ‘I’d have never thought he would do that. But he did and it is done.’
What they were discussing was the crisis that had occurred only just that morning. According to Dr. Mitchel, he’d woken up early and come to open the office at 7:30 rather than 8:30. When he got there, he was astounded to see that the door was unlocked and already open. Dr. Mitchel said he then looked into the office. What he saw left his jaw hanging. Someone hade ransacked the place. Upon cleaning up he realized nothing was missing. Then he saw the note. (don’t)
So it was Kit! Now he had proof that it had not been him. Then, he said, he’d called Jen up. That was the end of his narrative. ‘Oh… my. I will definitely have a talk with him.’

‘Good. Great!… I mean… I’m glad you are gonna talk to him. I’m really sorry about all this!’

‘No, it’s fine.’ Jen responded. Then she left.

The man had found someone to pin the murder on. The break-in. Kit, or Christopher, would go to jail. That’s how he’d get rid of him…

‘Kit, was it you?’ ‘Was what me?’

‘Don’t play dumb Christopher.’

‘I honestly don’t know what you mean!’

‘The break-in. Were you here at 4:15 a.m. or earlier?’

‘No I was asleep.’

‘Do you have proof?’

‘I… uh… no? All I know is that I didn’t wake up at… when was it… 4:15? Yah, I didn’t wake up then. Please believe me.’

‘Oh, right. Well… I’ll… think about it.


‘Yah, maybe you should go home for today. Take the day off. You know, get a rest. You look really tired.’

‘Who? Me? Nah… I’m not tired. Thanks anyway. And thanks for everything! Bye!’

‘Bye.’ Jen muttered, but the boy hadn’t heard her. He was busy wondering what had happened to make her suspect him of all people. Maybe… nah. Wouldn’t happen. Kit continued on his way.

It had failed. She believed that he hadn’t done anything. Well he’d get him… somehow… the footsteps brought the man back to reality…

‘Dr. Mitchel?’ Jen had just walked through the doors. ‘Huh?’ the startled doctor looked up. ‘Yes Jen?’

‘Kit… well he said…’

‘I know, I know!’


‘Well, you know, I mean… I could’ve guessed he would try to hide it. He does that sometimes. It wasn’t like I was snooping, just guessing.’ Dr. Mitchel smiled. Something about the way he smiled bothered Jen. She wondered if he was hiding something…

He’d almost given himself away. But had Jen suspected anything? Probably not.

The next day Jen knocked on Dr. Mitchels door. No answer. She knocked harder. Still nothing. Finally she gave up and walked around to the back of the house. What she saw made her shudder…

Dr. Mitchel looked up. He dropped what he’d been holding. There, standing before him, was Jen…

Kit landed with a thud on his back. Stunned he looked and saw Jen standing, mouth open, eyes wide, fists clenched. Then he saw the sky and blue faded to black…

The crow saw nothing except the shiny piece of ribbon…

The world went from black… to purple… to blue… to green… to… but by now Kit was fully awake.

‘You!’ Jen shouted. ‘It was you! You are the killer!’
‘Who? Me? Ahhh, but you forget. I’m the one who saves. I do not kill. You have a guilty look on your face. Perhaps it was you!’
‘No, it wasn’t me.’
‘Do you have proof?’
‘My husband knows where I was at 4 a.m. and what about you?’ She reached into her pocket. Pulled out her cell phone. ‘First I’m gonna call your wife.’
‘Hello? Yes? Mrs. Mitchel? Where was your husband at 4 o’clock this morning? Where? Thank you. G’bye.’
‘You didn’t!’
‘Your wife found the note saying you left. Now I’m gonna call the police.’
‘Oh no you don’t!’ Dr. Mitchel lunged for Jen. But Kit was faster. A swift blow to the back of the knees brought the doctor to the ground. Jen called the police and gave the address. The doctor looked up, muttered something under his breath, pulled a gun, aimed and fired. Jen fell. ‘Nooooo!’ Kit screamed.
‘Yes!’ the doctor cackled. Suddenly a pair of handcuffs closed around his upraised wrists…

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