Don't Look out Your Window

May 29, 2011
By beegee12 GOLD, Regina, Other
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When I was younger, my mother used to tell me stories every night. Any other mother would tell you fairy tales, or wonderful stories that would put you in a deep sleep. My mother did not. It started when I asked her about my eyes. My eyes have always changed colors, never the same color two days in a row. I noticed even at that young age, that no one had the same unique eyes as me. She explained that I was very special and my Aunt Jones, was the only other person who was the same as I. That was the first and last time I've ever heard that name spoken. The stories however, never stopped. My mother would tell me that if I looked out my window at night, bad things would happen. She'd say that the scratching on my window was them waiting for me. She didn't want them to have me because she loved me so very much. She'd warn me that they would take me away from her and that could never happen. They wanted me.

One day I had a sleepover at my very best friend Lee's house. She had a beautiful home with a window in every room. I made sure I looked out each one of them before it got dark. Lee thought I was weird of course but I didn't care. I wasn't going to disobey my mother and I was truly scared of what was out there.

While we were sleeping, I woke up to loud scratching on the window. It sounded like nails being dug in on a chalkboard. I put my hands to my ears to cover that horrid sound. I looked to see Lee sound asleep, as if she couldn't hear the sounds at all. The sound continued for a few more minutes until I could not handle it no longer. I yelled for her mom to come help, waking Lee up. I told her there's scratching on the window and they're going to get me. Lee said she didn't hear anything, but her mom went to the window anyways. I begged her not to look out the window but she told me to calm down. As she started to reach the window I could hear my heart pound with every beat. Thud. Thud. Thud. I held my breath as the scratching got louder. Screech. Screech. Screech. She reached out her hand to open the wind then.. nothing. The sounds stopped and she said it was just a tree branch, scratching the window. When she left and Lee fell asleep, the sounds started again but I just ignored it. It was just a tree branch.

As I got older, my mother stopped telling the stories. I couldn't remember it all after a while. My memories started to grow distant. I never forgot though. But since I was older I realized how dumb it really was. Sixteen and afraid of windows at night? That's something you wouldn't want going around school. I was still friends with Lee and she knew about my fear but, she thought my mother was trying to scare me for some odd reason, and that I should start acting my age. I thought about that one night, while I was laying in bed. That's when the scratching started again. Usually I would ignore it and fall asleep but his time, I was not going to ignore it. This time I was going to act my age. This time, I was going to look for myself.

I was, of course, terrified to look but I just had to. You can do it I thought, as I slowly raised my head to the window. Every inch closer I got, the sound would get louder. Screech. Screech. Screech. I could hear my heart pound with every beat. Thud. Thud. Thud. I raised my head fully, staring out the window and.. nothing. The sound stopped. I started to laugh. Sixteen years I've been terrified of looking out my window for no reason. As I started to turn my head, something got my eye though. A figure stood in my window barely visible, but it was there. What was it doing? It looked like it was walking towards me. How is this even possible ? That's when the wind started. My hair started blowing frantically all around me and I could hear the things in my room been tossed around. I yelled for my mother as the screeching started once again. As I yelled louder, the screeching got louder but my mother heard me. “No. No! I told you not to look out the window!” she shouted to me. “You can't have my baby girl. Leave her alone. Be gone you vile beast!” She started to reach for me but was thrown backwards by a strong gust of wind. My books from my book shelf fell on her, as she hit it and closed her eyes. “MOM! MOM ARE YOU OKAY?!” I looked back at the window as light blinded me. It was almost as if I was staring at the light of a train.

My eyes started to adjust as someone stepped out of the window. It was a man around my age. He had sand brown hair and perfect full lips. He seemed to be strongly built and was absolutely beautiful. Everything except his eyes. “W-what do you want?” I asked. He smiled at me, causing me to lose my breath for a second. “You have beautiful eyes Amber. You know many people would do anything for them. I would do anything for them.” “H-How do you know my name?” He just stared at me and held out his hand. He let his completely silver eyes, bore into me. He had no color or pupils in his eyes. Just that beautiful silver color. “This can be easy or this can be hard. Either way I plan to get what I want. Your family owes a debt to me. Everyone who has eyes like yours, belong to me. That's just the way things are. It's such a shame too. You really are a gorgeous young lady. However, I do require your presence. Please take my hand and we'll be on our way. Quickly now. I wouldn't want anything to happen to your mother.” I didn't know what to do but what I did know, was that I wasn't going to let anything to my mother. I grabbed his hand and we started to walk towards the window. Another person appeared beside me. It's going to be okay. It is beautiful where you're going and he will take good care of you. I'm sorry you had to leave your mother, like I had to once before. I'm your Aunt Jones and I promise I'll stay with you every moment that I can. The voice appeared in my head and with that she took off. I took one last look behind me, then stepped in the mirror, never to return.

The author's comments:
I was literally laying in bed one night when this came to me. I didn't care if it was 3am, I had to get up and write it down. As soon as I started to write, it all kinda poured out of me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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