May 25, 2011
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My name is Mia. Mia LongBird. I’m 14 years old and live with my mom. I keep being accused of being a witch. It seems like my mom is scared of me. She can’t STAND being in the same room as me. My friends… are not my friends anymore.

I need to get out, but… how? There are guards surrounding my house day-in and day-out. They won’t let us leave. We have no food and they won’t let us get some. They want us to starve to death. ONLY because I’m a WITCH.

“Mom?” I said softly. She did not answer. I sat next to her on the couch and she got up and looked out the window into the dead of night. “Mommy, do YOU think I’m a witch too?” I said eagerly. “I… I don’t know what to think.” She forced out. She was crying at that point and shooed me away.

I can’t believe what my mother just said to me. Does she think I’m a witch? I ran to my room as fast as I could. I thought of what she said. Was I not listening? Was I just imagining it? No. She would have came to my room and ask what’s wrong. She didn’t.

I lost it. By the time I was done with my fit my room was a nightmare. Looked like my Uncle Steve’s house. As I look at it I went into a second fit. I kicked, screamed and cried the whole nine-yards. Then I sat on my bed alone, hungry, and scared.

My mom came into the room crying pretty hard. “I’m sorry about earlier. I don’t know what came over me. Don’t worry honey. I’m going to…” Before she could finish what she was saying some guards broke through the window and through the door.

The guards separated us. I was pinned to the wall. My mom was so furriness, she burst into flames. I was scared. My mom is a witch? I thought. She never told me. The guards let me go and stared at her. “This is what I did not want for you. I… wanted you to be normal like all your friends. I’m sorry I did not tell you.” She said angrily.

“Grab the girl!” One guard said. As the guard grabbed my arm he started to shake. Was he being electrocuted? Why was he not letting me go? “Get him off her!” another guard said. He dropped to the ground as they came toward me. They ran out of the room. All I thought about is that we are cursed and can do nothing about it.

My mom grabbed my arm and we left the house. Why was she not being affected? Is it because she is a witch? As we ran down the street I was happy. We were free? Right? No, not even close. A helicopter came over head and started to fire at us.

We were shot in the leg and we were on the ground. We were dragged into the helicopter and landed at a prison. We were to be hung immediately. Well… if you thought of it my mom could just turn to fire and burn the rope and I could just electrocute everyone who touched me. We would be fine.

Well the guards told the judge that possibility and we were to be shot to death. Even worse. Bullets actually AFFECTED us! While we were sleeping we were dragged to the fire rage. Then we were tied up to poles. We woke up. We yelled at them to release us but they just laughed.

“Close your eyes honey. Well be just fine. I promise.” My mom said happily. I was confused. Be fine! We are going to die! Then all the sudden… BANG! BANG! BANG! Over and over then it stopped. I heard the men screaming but I did not DARE to open my eyes.

When the men stopped screaming I smelled something burning. I opened my eyes and saw the guards on the ground and my mom standing over them on fire. The only question is… what just happened?

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