The Kidnapping On Oak Street

May 13, 2011
One ordinary day, a long time ago there was a kid named Ryan Lee, just a ordinary kid. About 4 foot, 9 inches tall. With dark brown hair, holey jeans with a Chicago jersey, and a Cubs hat. And wore PF Fliers all the time. He seemed like he was a nice kid which he was, but there was a problem nobody liked him at school. Every day when he came home, he was miserable, and heartless. It seemed like he was living on his mind not his heart. He never thought about anything, not even himself. One day when he wanted to cheer himself up. He wanted to go to the Super Scoop ice cream shop down the street. It was 3 stories high and 2 stories wide. So he went a ½ mile down the street, and he got Super Duper Macadamia Nut Fudge. the clerk at the counter named Chris, told him about the competition at 9:00 tonight with hula hoops. So Ryan said said, “Yes”.

Chris said, “We need your address, school name and class, so just in case that you win we know where to send the award”

Ryan said, “OK”
so he told Chris his address, school name, and class, but what Ryan didn't know is that he made a bad mistake.

One day when he went back to school, he was so excited to enter the hula hoop contest. After school he just started to walk down to the Super Scoop ice cream shop, until suddenly, a stranger stopped next to him in a old pickup van. And said to Ryan,

“hey are you in the hula hoop contest?”, asked the stranger.
Ryan answered,

The Stranger replied,

“Because I can give you a ride to the Super Scoop”
Ryan agreed,

So Ryan got in the van, but he made a bad mistake again. And this one is serious. Once they took off down the road the stranger looked at him with a glance on his face. But Ryan Had Remembered that show that was on last night on television, about people who lie about where they're going, so they can kidnap kids. Ryan wasn't taking any chance's, so he jumped out of the van going about 25 miles an hour down the road. And tumbled and rolled down the street. Ryan thought he could make a run for it. So started limping down the road, but the stranger came to a stop and peeled his tires chasing after Ryan at full speed. So Ryan runs, and runs, and runs”. I'm scared out of my mind, and terrified “he screamed in his head. He started to get tired so he runs into a school after closing time because he knew that the janitor leaves the door unlocked. So he runs under a desk, behind a counter, and sits there. He sits, and sits, and sits. He thought “What is he gonna do to me”, he had thought to himself. But all the sudden, the stranger grabs Ryan and starts to pull him out from underneath the counter. And the stranger had tied up Ryan, started to drag him out of the school, put him in the back of the van, and drove away. Ryan was screaming as load as he can in the van, so people can hear him outside. As the kidnapper had chuckled, and laughed, he was starting to think what he was gonna do, to poor, innocent, little Ryan Lee. Soon enough they got to his house it was all the way across town. Ryan was wondering, “What is he going to do to me ?” I thought to myself. Soon the kidnapper dragged me out of the van, and into his old log cabin. When he untied me, and took the tape off Ryan's mouth. I tried to grab the knife off the kitchen table. And I tried to stab the kidnapper. But he grabbed my hand, and took the knife away from me. I tried to make a run for the door. I had opened it and start sprinting out the door. I'm almost to the van soon as I opened the door I felt a flesh ripping pain, that went straight into my leg. It was the it's the knife that the kidnapper took out of my hand. And after I ran he through it into my leg. After I got up, I pulled it out of my leg and threw it back at him. And it stabbed into his throat. And the kidnapper had died instantly. Soon after Ryan walked home and told his mom, that he was kidnapped and his didn't believe him, so he showed her the wound in his leg. And his mom told the police about the wound on his leg. And his was rushed to the emergency room as soon as the ambulance picked him up I thought to myself, “what will mom expect?”. Soon after he went to sleep, they told Ryan's mom that Ryan was being charged of murder, and was sent to juvenile for 3 years. Ryan's mom was so disappointed in Ryan, but she just thought in her head, “I can get through this”.
3 years later. . .
soon Ryan was out of Juvenile, but the 3 years felt like 3 months. Soon as he got out he started running 25 miles, all the way home and never stopped running. After he got home he told his 5 words and they were, “mom, when does school start?”.

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