Creeping Shadows

May 18, 2011
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Over the past six months, 17 people have disappeared from a cabin on Sparrow Lane, just outside of Baker Town. The few that had escaped the house described a monster that lurker in the darkness, preying on anything brave enough, or foolish enough, to move beyond the reaches of the light. The last person to disappear was Peter Tyler's sister: Sarah Jane. Peter had known that in going there, he was greatly endangering his own life, but he had to know what happened to Sarah Jane.
Peter had driven to the house and found the door unlocked. He went inside and turned on a lantern that illuminated almost every corner of the room. The only other room was blocked off by a locked door. In this room, there was nothing, not a rat or a bug or a desk or a chair in sight. Even though his eyes faithfully told him nothing was there, something deep in his gut told him he was not alone. Invisible eyes glared at him from every angle, causing Peter to quake in fear. It was at this point that Peter realized just how terribly thought-out this plan was
In a moment of panic, Peter ran to the front door, only to find it locked. Hadn't it been open only a moment ago? He turned his back to the door and slid down to the floor. He was petrified, honestly and truly petrified. Then he saw it, the second door, swinging back and forth on it's hinges. It was as if by the wind or some invisible thread. He sat for a moment, fascinated, and then stood up with a jolt. All of a sudden he remembered why he was here and he felt his insides jump. It's not the wind. Peter realized; the cabin is sealed up. Something else had moved that door. For a moment a seemingly ridiculous thought crossed Peter's mind: Is the house the monster? That theory was quickly shot down when the door swung all the way open and out from the doorway crept a shadow. A shadow that shouldn't be there. A shadow with nothing casting it. In a moment of terror, as the shadow approached, Peter finally understood. There was no monster in the shadows; the monster was the shadows. One living, moving, consuming shadow. The darkness crept along the wooden walls and wooden floors, making it way towards the terrified man.
It wasn't like a shadow on a wall, though, it was like a wall of darkness coming towards Peter, threatening to crush him. As the shadows moved closer, Peter pulled a pen out of his pocket and carved three letters into the floorboards. R-U-N. He looked up and the shadow was only inches from him. His heart hammered and his mind raced. He came up with only one possible outcome.
"I am going to d-" he began, but at that moment, the shadow struck. In less than a heartbeat, the darkness consumed Peter. When it withdrew, the only traces left of the man were the letters on the floor and the echo of a word left unsaid.

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