Invitation to terror

April 8, 2011
By Tyana BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Tyana BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I awoke in the middle of the night to sounds coming from downstairs in the kitchen. I slowly and quietly went down the stairs and crept into the kitchen, but there was no one there. The freezer was wide open and on the counter was an open tub of double whipped vanilla ice cream. I did not know who was here or why but I was determined on finding out. I checked the front door-locked; I checked the back door-locked. I checked all the windows but they were untouched.
I went into the basement not expecting to find anything but I found all the clues I needed. There was slime on the floor and dirt on the basement walls. The window was closed but it had dirt smudges all over it. I sprinted up the stairs out the front door and down the street. All I saw was a man in a suit walking funny; it was suspicious though because it was only 3 am. I decided I would get some rest and find the culprit later. I woke up to the sound of my alarm I started to get dressed but things in the house were not in there right place.
Downstairs the refrigerator was tipped over the television was broken and I couldn’t find anything in the place it was supposed to be in. I knew whoever did this could not be human it was too powerful. I start to clean up the mess this monster had left me. I decided to take a stroll to the store and clear my thoughts out. When I got to the store I saw it was also dismantled possibly by the same monster. I asked the cashier and the manager what happened: they told me they have no idea who did this and the only clues he left was dirt and slime all over the store. I continued my walk thinking of the new information I just received.
I was stumped on how he keeps getting away. As I was walking down the street I saw the man in the suit again, I stopped to ask him if he seen anything suspicious lately. He stared at me and grunting. I looked into his eyes and there was no real pupil or iris his eyes were almost black I wondered why they were that way. I asked my question again “Sir, have you seen anything suspicious between last night and this morning?” “Ugghh” “Excuse me sir?” “Uggghhhhhh”. Obviously I wasn’t getting any answers out of this guy.
I met up with my friend Macy for breakfast to talk about the incident. “Hey Macy” “Hey, what’s wrong on the phone it sounded like you needed to talk to me urgently” “It is urgent” “Mhhhm” “Well last night or this morning however you see it at 3 I heard some noises downstairs, I went to check the cause of the sound but when I got to the kitchen there was no one there. I went into the basement and on the windows and walls there was slime and mud everywhere.
Then I went to the corner store and the same clues that were left at my place were the same exact clues at the store.” “Well what do you think it could be?” “I have no idea and now I am not so sure I want to find out, I am pretty sure this thing is not human” “Your overreacting” “Macy, I know I am not overreacting” “Well, how can I help?” “We need to ask the townspeople if they saw anything out of the ordinary” “Okay, let’s get started”. So that is what we did.
We asked every single person in our small town if they seen anything extraordinary, nobody confessed to see anything unusual. When we found the man in the suit I told Macy not to bother him because he wouldn’t be of any help. She insisted on asking him and as predicted he only grunted. She was very confused on why the guy did not want to answer her. After roughly 10 minutes of haggling the man in the suit Macy decided to give up on asking him questions and she decided to follow him around for the day because he was now one of our suspects.
We followed him all the long day and all he did was walk and grunt, but then we watched him go into a foreclosed home and smash the belongings in the house. We went in after he left and checked the scene, what we found we were not expecting. On the ground where he had walked were slime and dirt stains. I turned around to run from the scene and ran right into the man in the suit. I was now face to face with the monster.

The author's comments:
This is my first mystery piece

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