Behind The Closet Doors

February 16, 2011
Another day goes by and another day without sleeping. As I open my closet doors to pick out the outfit that I want to wear for school. I notice that once again, my sister has taken my clothes. “Juliana, where is my favorite green shirt?” I yell at her down the hallway. She hisses back “It was my shirt anyways, I gave it to you last month, and pretty much all of your clothes are mine, you just use them.” As I walk to school I get that chilly feeling as if someone is watching me. “BOO!” My sister says as she jumps on me. “Ha-ha you didn’t scare me and you never will.” When I walk back home from school my mom told me at home that she was going to take me to the mall to get some more clothes. I look at my sister and give her a wicked smile and stick my tongue out at her. “Hey mom Juliana took my clothes again.” She gave me a blank stare. “What?” She says. “Yea she came in my room and took some of my clothes again.” My mom sat down and patted the seat next to her as if she wanted me to sit next to her as well. “Honey Juliana’s is not here.” I look at her. “Why did she go to the store or something?” My mom had an unsatisfied look on her face.”I thought we had talked about this already.” I stare at her in disbelief. “What are you talking about, I just talked to her this morning, and like I told you, she took my clothes.” As I get up to walk away my mom grabs my arm. “Sweetie, your father and I have been taking them, since they are her clothes we needed to put them in a safe place.” I started to laugh a little “So that’s where my clothes have been going, I Thought I was Juliana the whole time. “ “That’s just the point sweetie; Juliana died 4 months ago from a heart attack in her room. That’s why we sent you to that house, because the doctors said you loved your sister so much, that you didn’t want to let her go, so you make up her existence to keep yourself from going crazy.” I back away slowly as I start to cry. “I thought the doctors had taken care of this.” My mom says. Another day goes by and I wake up in that same small white room that I was in 3 months ago. When I look outside, I notice a sign plat formed onto a cement block. It said U.M.I. As I looked closer to read the in graved words written at the bottom, I read in my head “Urgent Mental Institute.” As I walk back to my bed I notice the closet door. When I open it I notice my sister has taken my clothes again.

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AbbieLou said...
Mar. 1, 2011 at 10:45 am
This is a fantastic story that also tackles deep emotional issues in just a short text. I like how the beggning and the end tie in well together. Write more like this.
Sierra H. replied...
Mar. 2, 2011 at 5:52 pm
thankyou so much..i appreciate it..and i will try to make more stories like this
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