January 27, 2011
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David knew he had to do it. If he didn’t do it he would eventually go crazy. He could already feel it in his body. This was the solution, the end and the beginning. Why didn’t he think about this, ten years ago, or even twenty? He should feel embarrassed and sad for thinking this or at least know that it’s wrong but the only emotion he could feel streaming through his body was happiness. It was an unusual feeling for him though he hasn’t felt that happy for a long, long time.
After playing with the thought for a while, David knew he had to come up with a plan; and not an ordinary plan. It had to be good. He could do it quick but that would ruin everything. Slowly and painful was the answer. That was what they owed him for all these years.
David left the table and the restaurant where he had been sitting for the last couple of hours. He was a new man when he left. His face was broken up in to a huge grin and people he passed smiled politely back to him but David didn’t see them. He was picturing the procedure in his head. It had to be good. If the people he passed would have stopped and taken a good look at David Williams they would have seen that something wasn’t right. His eyes, that were normally light-blue, were now darker and the grin in his face wasn’t a polite smile but a smile of revenge.
Yes, David knew exactly what he had to do. He had to kill his parents.

When Linda Black was seventeen years old she met Marcus Williams. He was also seventeen, handsome and sweet and they soon fell in love with each other. They dated for a couple of months before Linda started to feel different. She didn’t tell anyone about it because she didn’t know what to say. What Linda didn’t know at that time but that she soon figured out was that she was pregnant. The first thought in her head was to get rid of the baby before anyone found out but she wanted to tell Marcus. His reaction surprised her. When she told him about the baby, he jumped up from his chair and threw himself into Linda’s arms and started laughing and repeating: “I will be a dad! I will be a dad!” After that, Linda didn’t have any other choice than to keep the baby.
When they both turned eighteen in May the same year, they got married. It was a small wedding with only their closest family. They both were asked many times why they got married so early and none of them had the guts to tell them the real reason, but their family soon figured it out anyway for Linda’s belly grew bigger and bigger every day.
When she was five months pregnant, her parents kicked her out of the house and her and Marcus moved in to a trailer that he had bought for his saved college money. They both dropped out of high school and began preparing their life as parents. Marcus couldn’t wait to hold the baby and Linda couldn’t wait to get her own body back.
Four months later Linda gave birth to a baby boy. They named him David.
Marcus excitement about being a father soon disappeared after the birth. David wasn’t a quiet child and Marcus and Linda weren’t the most patient couple. The trailer had already been too small for the two of them and now, with the baby, they had an even smaller space to move around on. Linda, who didn’t want the baby, in the first place felt like she was going to die in that trailer. She spent as much time outside as possible and took a job in a nearby store, leaving David alone in the trailer until she finished work four hours later. If someone would found out about this, David would be far away from the Williams by now and maybe that was something Linda secretly wished.
Marcus worked a ten hours shift every day at the local gas station to pay the bills, by food for the family and things for David. He cared about his son but he couldn’t stop thinking about how horrible wrong his life had turned out.

When David turned five, he started to realize that his mother didn’t really like him and his father was miserable because of him. He didn’t understand why and he began to do everything for his parents to make them like him. He would sleep on the floor so that they could have more space in the only bed, he would never ask them about food. If they remembered to give him breakfast or dinner, they never made him lunch because they were at work and David would be home alone; sometimes he’d find something in the fridge to eat, he was happy the whole day but if they didn’t remember to give him anything to eat he would just stay hungry and wait for the next day and hope that they would remember him then.
David didn’t have many friends when he grew up. He had a couple but he never had someone he could really talk to or share his family situation with. At fourteen he spent most of his free time at home, cleaning the trailer and making all the meals in the house. The last thing he wanted was for his parents to think that he didn’t do anything and all he wanted was to be loved. Unfortunately, his situation hadn’t improved; it was actually worse then when he was younger. Linda and Marcus didn’t even talk to each other anymore and David was sure that his mom was cheating on his dad because he had seen her sneaking out from a neighbors’ house, in the middle of the night, more than one time.
The first time David started to suspect that Linda was cheating was when she started to look more alive. David was at this time thirteen and his mom had always had this, as long as he could remember, dead and boring look. Like she went through life, already knowing that her life was horrible mistake and that she couldn’t do anything about it, but one day when she came home, her deep, green eyes were sparkling with something new and youthful and she had make-up and a fancy dress on. David hadn’t been the only one looking surprise when she danced in through the front door.
“What is this?” Marcus was standing by the sink, doing dishes, and when he saw Linda he dropped the plate he had in his hand on the floor. Fortunately the plate didn’t crack but the loud noise, when the plate hit the ground, had dramatic effects that seemed to make the whole scene worse.
Linda looked at Marcus for a second before she shook her head and walked in to the living room. Marcus looked after her and when she disappeared around the corner, he picked up the plate from the floor and continued doing the dishes again.
David had seen the whole scene from the kitchen table where he had been doing homework. He could easily figure out what was going on and he was pretty sure his dad could do that too.
David never loved his parents. He didn’t even understand the word, love. He knew that it was a pretty big word and he always heard other parents tell them that they loved their son or daughter but no one ever told David that. That’s when he started to hate them. After years of trying hard to love his parents it was shocking that the decision to hate them felt so natural and right to him; probably because that was what he had always felt, deep inside.

It had to be good. That sentence had been repeating inside David’s head for over a week. After the evening at the restaurant he had been thinking every day about the best way to execute his mom and dad, and every day he tried to come up with a more creative way than the one he came up with the day before.
He wanted it to be symbolic, something that showed how much they had really hurt him but at the same time he wanted them to be scared and understand what he was doing; so nothing like poison because they would never connect that to him.
David really did feel like if this was the only way he could find peace in his life then why not do it? He didn’t feel any guilt or sorrow for thinking this because he didn’t feel anything for the two people who were soon going to be dead.

One memory David couldn’t get out of his head was from his early childhood. He must have been around six or seven years old and he was outside with his mom helping her in the garden; one of the few times when Linda felt like doing something for the family. Suddenly David saw something move in the corner of his left eye and he turned his head. A big, black dog was standing a few feet away from him and Linda, showing his teeth and growling. David, who liked dogs, quickly identified the dog as a Doberman. He stood up and took a step towards the dog with his hands in front of his body.
“Come here puppy”, he said.
The dog stopped growling but it still looked suspicious.
“Come here puppy”, David said again. “Don’t’ be afraid.”
David took another step towards the dog and he also turned his head to smile at Linda but his smile quickly faded away when he saw his mother’s expression. She was standing still as a statue, only her terrified eyes moving from the dog to David and back again. David knew she was thinking about running. Before his mother could do any stupid move he took the two steps back to her and tried to calm her down. He used the same phrase as he had used for the puppy.
“Don’t be afraid.”
Linda looked at her son as if he was crazy and then she begun to scream. Through his mother’s scream David could hear the dog start growling again, worse than before. He turned around towards it to try to calm it down again but then he felt a hard push and he was on the ground, standing on his knees and hands. Linda was running towards the trailer and the dog was following her, trying to bite her feet. She was able to run in to the trailer and shut the door before the dog could get in. The dog

“911, can I help you?”
“My son is dead! He just shot himself in front of us!”
“We’re going to help you. What’s your name?”
“Linda Williams. I loved him.”

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