January 24, 2011
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The girl walked down the dark street. The fog was so thick that she could barley see in front of her. The street lamp had a very dim glow, it didn’t help her fear. The eerie moon light sent shivers down her spine. It was cold. The silence was interrupted by a loud crash; she turned around, and stared in to silvery cat eyes and screamed.

The old woman in the house heard the screaming and she called 911.

The police came and came and found the body of Lucy Johnson covered with blood. The blood came from two pinpoint holes in her neck.
“Send in an ambulance, we got a definite DB.”
“Right on sar-‘’
And then there was a scream that no one heard, for the walky-talky had been turned off.

The sirens blaring the epidemics flew down the deserted street. The only light other than the headlights, and the sirens, was the full moon, witch was blotted out for a second. Then a heavenly feminine figure landed on there hood they slammed on their brakes and screeched to a stop an everyone but got out the woman had vanished. There was the sound of swishing air behind them and the last thing they saw was a pair of silvery cat’s eyes.

Back at the crime scene, the chief was getting worried, so he left his partner, and went to look for the ambulance. Then the left behind partner heard a scream, in the old woman’s house, he rushed in to investigate, the scene before him was gory, a gruesome. The old woman was in some woman’s arms, and the nasty thing was that the woman’s teeth were embedded in the ladies neck! Then the old one dropped to the floor, and the policeman screamed as the angelic creature flowed toward him. He tried to run, but his feet were glued to the floor. Then two silvery cat eyes and all went black.

The chief was looking down at the piled bodies of the EMTs.
“What the heck happened to them?”, he thought out loud.

The a voice cold as ice, but as beautiful as church bells sounded next to his ear,
“You smell delicious!”

Then he felt a cold piercing pain through his neck, he tried to scream, but all that came out was a gasp, then the pain slowly faded, along with the two silver pin points of light.


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1EmoKidd1 said...
Jan. 26, 2011 at 6:39 pm
its not the best... but it was written in 7th grade.
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