A Crow

November 19, 2010
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I ran through the forest at twilight. I strained my ears to hear something that shouldn’t be there and I strained my eyes to see something in the shadows. They slowly crept upwards as the sun set in the west. But it was useless, for all I could hear was my footsteps and glance at only trees as they surrendered themselves to the shadows that were inevitable.
Suddenly, something crashed through the leaves above and I whirled around to see what predator I would have to protect myself from. I channeled all my fear to the back of my mind, so I could focus on my safety. I turned around to see merely a crow with slick black wings and a cruel beak. It squawked when it laid its beady eye upon me and flew off through the trees.
Taking a deep breath, I pulled my jacket tighter around me. It was cold, chill-to-the-bone cold, but I was still miles away from the town. I was terrified that I would not make it, I had no knowledge of these woods and I didn’t know how long I could last. Saying a quick prayer, I continued through the dark forest.
I shivered as it got colder and colder as my only source of warmth disappeared behind the mountains.

It got even more difficult to navigate through the forest, my only light was the moon, but that was merely a sliver. It was almost a new moon, I thought, thinking back to my days in sixth grade science.
I heard a crash once again and stepped back into a tree, at least my back would be somewhat covered. But it was the crow. I didn’t know if it was the one I saw a few miles back, but could just feel the truth.
Fear started to fill me, and, in my frantic attempt to escape, I tripped over one of the tree’s many upturned roots. My anxiety made me clumsy, and I could only run two yards.
I stumbled my way along, listening as the leaves rustled against one another and crows croaked. It felt as if the crows were trailing me. Before, I was running to find the town. Now, I was running because I was being followed.
I looked up to see if I was still going north, but clouds were coming in fast, covering up the stars. Before I knew it, it was pouring. Lightning cracked, thunder boomed, rain pitter-pattered, and in it all, I could still hear the crows.
I heard a cry that was coming closer and louder than the others, and I started sprinting. I ran. I didn’t know where I was going, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to get out of here. My heart was racing my feet, my lungs hurt, and my throat was dry.
But a cliff soon blocked my path. I could see the town lights glinting in the distance. I heard a growl, different that the caws that I had been hearing for the last hour. I turned, but instead of seeing some type of large animal I saw a single crow, flying right at me.
The crow got closer and closer. With a loud scream, and almost human-like screech, it flew towards me . . . . .

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