The Ghost Chopper

November 12, 2010
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Eerie green lights light the night sky as the lonesome red Cadillac roamed about the empty desert road. Stopping here and there, the Cadillac seemed to be lost.

“Where are we?” A high pitch girl’s voice asked.

“I don’t know.” The driver responded.

Cursing under his breath, the driver gunned the gas pedal and sped forward.

“I hate this” He said, “I have to get stuck in the middle of the freaking desert with you and no map!”

“Well it’s not my fault that you stink at driving!” The girl shouted back.

Rolling his eyes, the driver continued to go down the road. Suddenly, saw a headlight in his rear view mirror.

“Pull over” The girl said, “Maybe it’s a cop.”

“Just what we need!” The driver yelled.

Pulling over to the side, the driver watched as the motor cycle passed him bye.

“Wow” The driver said, “He’s doing around 100!”

Stepping on the gas, the driver sped towards the motorcycle.

“What are you doing?” The girl asked

“I’m following this guy.” The driver responded, “If you have a problem, jump out.”

The girl folded her arms and pouted. Ignoring her, the driver began to speed up to around 100 MPH in order to catch up to the motorcycle. The landscape passed him by and the driver tried to desperately catch up to the motorcycle.

“I hope this guy is ready to lose this race.” The driver said.

Looking to his left, the driver suddenly saw…the girl was gone!

“Where did she go?” He asked himself.

Suddenly, he saw fire on the side of the road. Stopping, the driver saw that there was a car that was aflame and burning brightly. Next to the burning car, was a girl. She cried and cried as she repeated “Why did he have to follow that motorcycle?”

Feeling something on his shoulder, the driver looked around and saw a man wearing a motorcycle helmet.

“It’s time to go, son.” The cyclist spoke.

Handing him a helmet, the cyclist got on his motorcycle and waited for the driver to do the same. Starting the engine, the two sped off down the road. Passing by a car, the two didn’t notice that the young boy driving the car began to come towards them.

“Wow” The young boy said, “That guy is doing around 100!”

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