November 11, 2010
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I ran. I ran as fast and as quietly as I could. I needed to be silent otherwise they’ll hear me. Then they’ll capture me. I ran. I will complete my mission. I must. I ran through the streets. I had to get to the Russia Tower, the tallest building in Moscow. I had to. I had to in order to complete my mission. I ran. I am paid to do it.
I walked to the building as I neared it. I had to walk now. I was in disguise. The guards didn’t mind me. I walked into the bathroom, into the farthest stall and changed into my shadowy, completely black suit. Then I waited. I waited until 10:00pm when they turned the lights off.
Thump! The door closed and I crept out of the stall and pulled out my forged key to unlock the bathroom door. I checked to make sure I had deactivated the security cameras. My check proved that every camera in the entire building was out. Then slowly, ever so slowly, I opened the bathroom door and crept out. The lobby was extremely dark. No lights were on.
There was no one around. I ran to the stairs and ran up. I ran up to the roof and then pulled out my weapon, my sniper rifle, to complete my mission. The tall building overlooked the courtyard of the Capital Building. And tonight there was a party. There was a birthday party for the prime minister. And I was going to end it.
I attached my silencer onto the rifle and loaded a round into my rifle. Then I waited. I waited for the right moment. Then at midnight, while the prime minister gave his birthday speech, I looked down the scope and aimed. I aimed for his head. Then while everyone was facing the opposite way towards the mayor, I slowed my breath. Then it seemed like time slowed, and I held my breath.
This was the time. This was the time to strike. I squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot. I could the feel the bullet whiz out of the gun silently heading straight for the prime minister. The prime minister was hit in the forehead. Everyone screamed. Security officers started roaming through the crowd, looking for the shooter. But, I was too far away.
I quickly sprinted down the stairs and when I reached the bottom, I stopped.
“Mission completed sir,” I said on my radio.
Cpt. Price responded, “Good job, now get the h*** out of there!” I waited to hear if there were any government troops or police outside. I heard nothing and opened the door. No one was in the street. I changed back into my disguise and walked to my car, pretending I was a civilian. I was home free.

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madm0e said...
Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:30 am
I lol'd at the COD reference. Good story though.  
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