November 9, 2010
My body was not my own. It belonged to a creature, or should I say creatures. A collection of creatures; they were sinister beings—nothing short of demonic. Together they formed a single, deranged, monstrosity. No two voices were the same, but they were united. Their thoughts were the thoughts of a swarm, and my body was the hive.

The monster, Wanting, as they called themselves, had stolen control of my—or our body. I was trapped within my mind; a thought at the back of Wanting’s mind. The beast was hungry, thirsty; wanting. “Wanting what?” you ask… Blood! What else? Yes, it’s true: A blood thirsty monster walked the streets!

It—They walked through the icy December morning, past crowds of people; all potential targets. I sat in the mind of the beast seeing what they saw, feeling what they felt, and hearing them argue.
“That one looks tasty!” one said to the others.

“No! That old man over there!” another shouted.

“What about her?” a few said.

Then all at once, “She’s perfect!”

I saw a woman, maybe in her mid-twenties; I didn’t know. All I knew was the monster wanted her. For what, I couldn’t say. Why they chose her was another mystery. She was beautiful, I knew that. Maybe the demons wanted her for her long red hair. Maybe it was her eyes. Those green, emerald eyes, so enticing, so filled with joy and life! It must have been the eyes! They must have attracted the beast, who was the embodiment of sadness and death.

I remember following her; watching her every move: I was a shadow, never seen; never heard. I could reach out and touch her at any time, but still I kept the monsters’ hands at bay. At night, I could not sleep, she was on Wanting’s mind: Those bright eyes, those perfectly green, radiant eyes.

It was those eyes that drew me to her window, night after night. I would watch her. Some nights, I would climb over her fence, cross her yard, pass the dogs, and make my way into her kitchen, where I would lean against her walls and listen to her delicate footsteps as she moved around upstairs. I was always hungry when I was near her, so I’d eat morsels she’d leave as if for me, meat from her stew, bread from her basket—not enough for her to miss it, just to ease the hunger.

One night, as I followed her home, I heard the voices; this time, they didn’t take control, they didn’t lock me up in my cell at the back of their mind. No, this time they spoke only three words, “Kill And Eat!”

The words rang through my mind; my blood went cold. I could hear my heart slow to a steady, “Thump-Thump, thump-thump, thump, thump, thump, thump…” I began to sweat, sweat in the cold December night. I could feel the droplets freeze over my chilled skin.

The woman entered her front door; I glided over the fence, passed the dogs, and—No! The door was locked. I could hear one of the dogs coming towards me, so I leapt onto her patio table, and lifted myself onto the icy awning. My movement was catlike, so smooth and silent; not even a bark from the dog I avoided. Silently and carefully, I climbed to her bedroom window on the second story. There was the angel. She was in a towel, entering her bathroom. I went in, my heart still at a slow steady pace; my sweat still forming an icy plate over my skin; blood still cold and a sinister grin on my face. I entered as the water to her bath started to flow; I could feel the water move through the pipes in the walls. I crept downstairs and into every room to turn off the lights; I was back upstairs in her bedroom in a matter of seconds. She hummed in the bath, unaware of my presence. She didn’t know that I was there or that the demons were in me—but I knew.

I knew I was there in the darkness, with the demons; I knew she was there in the light, with those eyes. Those eyes filled with life would be her death. As I thought about her eyes, the water stopped. I positioned myself next to the light switch. She opened the door and turned the bathroom light off. Realizing it was dark, she slowly began to come near the switch. Every step was a heart beat: Step, thump, step, thump, step, thump—My blood came to a boil; my icy sweat melted; skin red hot, that grin became an evil smile!

“KILL AND EAT!” I heard the voices shout, over and over!

She turned on the light and there I was! Her towel dropped—She screamed! I grabbed her by the throat, forcing her to the ground; just as I was ready to claw out and swallow those eyes, right as I looked deep into her emerald soul, she shrieked, “Who are you?”

I felt the monster, but kept control—I whispered in her ear, “We are Wanting!”

And I began to eat.

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wordsmith97 said...
Dec. 1, 2010 at 6:15 pm
Please rate and/or comment on my work! There's about ten more articles on the way.
Healing_Angel This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 13, 2010 at 7:19 pm
Wow! Great job! My heart was pounding reading this! It's very good: fast paced and dexcriptive! Wel done!
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