Rose and Vladmir Ch. 1

October 26, 2010
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So here I sit on my bed, waiting for Jenna to come over so we could wait for the new neighbors to get back. They had just moved in, and then it looked like they had gotten up and left on a camping trip. I hadn’t got a good look at them, and neither had Jenna because she was visiting family in California. Me and Jen have been best friends since like fourth grade. We were best friends but not in the attached at the hip kind of way. I was laying on my bed when I heard the doorbell ring three times, the signal that Jen was here. She always waited a few seconds before coming in because once she caught my dad and his underwear. Needless to say she learned her lesson. Soon I heard her walk up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. She walked in and found me still in my PJ’S. “What are you wearing?” she said. “My best formal attire” I said in a poor British accent. She rolled her eyes and said, “Do you want to meet your new neighbors looking like that?” I pretended to think about that for a moment “YES!” she sighed and pulled me off my bed towards my closet that was full of fancy clothes I never wear. Not that I go naked but I just don’t dress up often I let myself daydream at my vanity while Jenna rummaged through my closet mumbling something about my lack of fashion sense. She was a trend setter, she took fashion risks. Me, I liked a graphic tee and some skinny jeans and my Chucks I looked at her she was pretty she had lovely blonde hair light but tanned skin and hazel eyes that always seemed like she was about to tell me a funny story . She always wore make up but looked good without it I rested my elbows on my vanity, with my head in my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. I was confident in myself I knew I wasn’t ugly but Jen was prettier. I had darker skin. I was half Mexican so I tanned easier. My dark shiny brown hair hung a little pass my shoulders and my side bangs hung in my face covering one of my light, chocolate brown eyes all of a sudden Jen threw some clothes at me launching the back through a tunnel to reality. Oh well it probably looked good Jen dressed me well. We had already decided to be out on the front yard in the tree swing when the neighbors came back. As we’re waiting just swinging and talking, I happen to mention something that happened before our new neighbors left again. The window to my room looks straight across to the bedroom window of the other house. When we first moved here I hoped some cute boy lived there but it wasn’t, it was just a seven year olds room. But then our new, mysterious neighbors moved in. They unpacked their stuff like they were in some kind of marathon race. The weird thing was as the son, whose bedroom was right across from mine, was unpacking his things, he happened to glance at me. Then for a split second the image I saw was not him, but me I don’t know how to explain it other then I saw this boy, who was tan with coal black hair and bright green eyes change into me. It was like he morphed into me and back so fast I couldn’t tell if he changed or if my eyes just unfocused and saw my reflection in my window. Then as quick as a flash of lightning he had his curtains closed tight and they’ve been closed to ever since. Of course, I'd just blamed it on my own eyes.

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firelilly4 said...
Nov. 9, 2010 at 2:12 pm
OH jeesh!! wow sorry about the Horrible punctuation i Have GOT to get someone to proofread for me i apologize for tht. i just re-read it over now and was appalled. please give any other critisism you see fit. Thank you  
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