No way out...

October 28, 2010
By Skylersmith1997 BRONZE, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
Skylersmith1997 BRONZE, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
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A couple lights flickered. I woke to a small area, probably the size of my living room. "Where am I?" I whispered. "Huh? Who are you?" I looked to my right, there was another kid with me, probably my age, 14. "Uh, i'm John, John West. You?" He looked at me, unsure why he was here. "Mike Fisher. Why am I here?" He asked as I were the one who had locked him in this horrible place. "I don't know. I woke up and was here, and then I met you. I wasn't part of anything." He looked at me, then to a small metal door that covered in so much blood and paint, it was hard to see. "Well, i'm getting out of here!" He said, a small noise in his throat that sounded as if he was gonna cry. I don't blame him, i'm scared too. I was almost in tears. "It. Won't. BUDGE!" He screamed. And then almost instantly, I made out a long rectangle with a line in the middle. Double doors! Another possible way out! I pionted to it. He nodded his head and then, they opened! But it wasn't our lucky day yet. As soon as he stepped into a narrow hallway, a blast from a gun rang out. He fell to the floor in a swift thud, blooding soaking through the wooden floorboards. He was dead. In shock I screamed. I needed out, I couldn't stay here! But where was I supposed to go? I was indeed trapped here, forever.....

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this as a Youtube skit, and I decided to then write it as a short story. There was extra parts to the end resulting in Mike as the killer who was getting back at John for making fun of him a couple Summers ago. But instead I shortened it and added a twist to the end. Enjoy!

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