The masked murderer

October 27, 2010
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One halloween night, there was a creepy little house, on a creppy little hill. All the children were afraid to visit this house to get candy, but what they all thought was that there was a creepy killer.He was released from jail 4 years ago and everyone thought he was still locked up, just his house was haunted by his soul. A group of teenagers were brave enough to go up to the house. Carlie dared Jacob to go inside the haunted old house, he said he would but there is nothing to be afraid of all the storys are just there to scare all the kids away.He is still locked up were he belongs. So they continued till they arrived at the front door of the old mans house. Jacob knocked on the door and there was no answer, he knocked again still no answer. Carlie pushed the door open saying “if youre not afraid get in there”. So Jacob continued on stepping step by stepinto the house,inside he was terrified. He turned around and looked at Carlie and his friends and laughed. Until all the streets lights suddenly shut off, Jacob quickly dissapeared into the dark living room of the house, and the door was slammed behind him. Carlie and her friends screamed “ help, help” continuously. Carlie said “in order to get our friend back we have to go in there and save him even if it means facing the dark deep secrets behind those walls”. They walked through the house into the open basment they all slowly walked down the steps and relized there friend was no longer alive that the murder wqs living in his house at the moment.They all started screaming and ran out of the house. They lived to tell the story of how they escaped the killer and a couple months later they held a memorial for Jacob there lost friend.

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