"The Lake House

June 28, 2010
By Anonymous

“Honey” Dan said, I think its time we take a trip just the two of us for old times sake, we haven’t been out together for the longest time now, and well I thought it could give us some time together. What do you say? At the old lake house perhaps where it will be just the two of us no neighbors, kids running around to bother us, nothing what so ever, just you and me and the great old lake house.” “Ok Dan that sounds great but are you forgetting what day it is”? Silence filled the room! Bailee smiling as if to say “ha I caught u sucker”. Dan knew exactly what day it was, it was a very special occasion. “Uhm no honey I’m not sure I do, but what does that matter its just a normal Saturday. So lets get to packing I want to get there close to sundown!

There at the lake house it was always so beautiful, Dan had blind folded Bailee outside the house before they entered he told her I have a Big surprise for you. As they walked in she took off the blind fold and to her surprise it was a great romantic dinner waiting for her right on the deck of the lake house. With a big sign that read “Happy 10th Anniversary”! He did remember ran through Bailee’s head. The two sat down for dinner hugging and kissing nothing seemed to be wrong everything was perfect. Dan gave a speech on how much he loved her, how he never wanted to lose her to anything nor anyone. When “ring, ring, ring” her phone interrupted the lovely dinner she checked and said “oh dear, honey this is an important call I’m going to take it really quick”. He was expecting her to answer it right there but suspiciously she didn’t. She left the deck. This really upset Dan he watched her through the glass doors inside and seen her expressions while talking to this important call she had. He hadn’t seen her face glow and light up in the longest time as it did that very moment. She was giggling again something she use to do when they first got together, the way she use to smile when she heard his voice every time he spoke. “Oh sorry darling it was a girlfriend form work who was having trouble with some paper work” “gosh how I wish she would leave me alone”. Leave me alone he thought. Those smiles and giggles were from leave me alones.
Well the night went on both had gotten ready for bed he waited till she was finally asleep to check this mysterious phone call she had gotten.

Finally the time came he did he checked it the call said Stanley! Who the heck was Stanley? When he realized it she was having an affair with this Stanley! His rage empowered him, he couldn’t control his emotions all that was running through his head was, “how could the woman I love, the woman I adore, admire, and respect betray me like this, and to my face” was the biggest question he had! Then it clicked he was going to kill her. The thought ran through his head for awhile but something evil and malicious took control of him!

“Crrreeeaaakkk” went the bedroom door; slowly entering Dan brought the rifle to his face and pulled back the trigger. She awoke both confused and terrified. “DAN” she screamed “what on earth are you doing”! “I know” Dan said “I know all about you and Stanley’s affair”! “How could you”? “the day of our Anniversary”? She screamed “LET ME EXPAIN PLEASE”. But he refused he let the dark thing inside him control his emotions, and actions. “NO” he said, “I love you so much, I lived my life to make you happy, our kids happy, I adore every single breath you take every morning, respected you through all your decisions, wand walked by your side through the good and the bad.” “But now no, no one is ever going to take you away from me, I will not allow that”! Then “BANG”, he did it he pulled the trigger and shot her dead on the bed. He lay besides her crying holding the rifle at his side. He started to sing there favorite song of the day they got married. In a soft voice he repeated there wedding vows slowly and soft. At the end he repeated over and over “to have and to hold, till death do us part”! Then for some odd reason his cries and frowns turned into a pure malicious smile as his last words were said “now I will be the only who really lived with you till death do us part” “BANG”!

The author's comments:
i just never wrote a short story and decided to write one! it was actually kind of fun. Hope you all like it!

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