Room 12

June 17, 2010
By socrprncss12 SILVER, Weslaco, Texas
socrprncss12 SILVER, Weslaco, Texas
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Sweat ran down her face and trickled into her eyes. How she wish she could wipe it, but her hands were motionless. She squinted before catching a glimpse of her wrists. They were red from the many actions she took to release herself form the chair she was tied to. Her hands burned with anger of the evil creep who would do this to her. Her ankles were in pain and practically cut so deep that by the time escaped she would travel by hand. The stench of her body was worse than the landfill next to her house. At least, he could of allowed her a shower or two. Yes, the creep was a He. He gave it away with his physique and the fact that he’d raped her twice this week. She’d been trapped for almost a month, and in that time, she prayed for a miracle that someone would save her, even if it was the guy who visited her kidnapper every now and then. The other guy knew of her presence but made no attempt to rescue her.
It wasn’t long before she heard the creek of a door. It was the other guy! He made his way to her and lowered his head to her ear. He whispered that he’d be taking her away from the cabin. Did he really say he what she thought he said? He began to untie her wrists and ankles, and lifted her into his arms. He carried her out to the back of the cabin. He laid her in the passenger seat of his black truck.

She couldn’t tell specifically what was happening, but at this point, all she knew was she had made her escape with this knight in shining armor. She slept the entire drive from point A to point B. she quickly woke up wher her side door opened, and she looked at him. She scanned the area and noticed they were at a hotel.
He helped her into Room 12 and put her on one of the two twin beds.
“I’m goin to the store. You could use some new clothes, so what’s your size?”
“I’m sure you already know.”
“Excuse me.”
“You probably treated me this same way when I was unconscious, so you must know my sizes.”
“No I didn’t. Quit with the attitude and tell me your sizes.”
“Fine… Small in Underwear and Shirt, Medium in Shorts or 7 in Jeans, and 6 in Shoes.”
“Okay, is there anything in particular you’d like to eat because I was just going to pick up burgers.”
“No, burgers aer just fine.”
He left the room .
She sat all alone. She slowly crawled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. She struggled to remove her clothes and revealed the damage that’d been done. Her body resembled red and black berries smashed and stomped on. She stepped into the shower hoping to cleanse herself of the nightmares that would haunt her forever. She slide down the backwall of the tub and pulled herself together. She bursted into tears and let out all the anger and rage she had for the man that completely destroyed her. She was so caught up in the pain that she hadn’t heard the door open. The water that had washed her outer body stopped. The curtain slowly unveiled the stranger.

The author's comments:
just a quick story i started to write on my way to school

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