June 18, 2010
By Anonymous

He was mine first until my ex-bff stole him from me with he smarts. Plus I am prettier, more popular, I have more friends and of course I'm richer and everything else that she's not. She came in hand in hand with him. His name is Josh he is pure goregous. Until this new kid came in that day his is Charlie(Char char 0. He is so hot and goregous. I want to be with him so badly. First look at him I fell in love with him badly. At that very moment my my ex-bff and bf walk up together. Charlie walks up to and says " Hi Carter could you help wiht my homework later?" He smiles at me brightly. He leaves to go to his locker and they say " do you like him or something. HE such a frdeakin' loser." I look at them and say " he's not a loser. You guys are the biggest losers in this school this year. And yea I do like him why do you care," my friends walk up behind. Most of them are boys.What will happen next?

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