i killed him

June 7, 2010
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It all started about 3 years ago, Vikki Myles was a 23 year old who had problems just like everyone else. However a few years later her life changed drastically. When she met Keith her life changed, but for the good or bad? Three years ago Vikki went to Hawaii with her girlfriends for spring break, while she was there she met Keith. After two years of being together Keith and Vikki were very happy. Their relationship was perfect in the beginning, but some things were about to change.

Vikki and Keith were happy for two years now but she didn’t expect what was going to happen to her would really happen. One night she decided to surprise her boyfriend and show up at his house, little did she know what was going to happen. When she got there she notices a strange car and screaming coming from the house. Vikki thought something was wrong so she went inside and saw Keith laying on top of a girl thrusting. Vikki was so shocked that she dropped to the floor. When Keith noticed Vikki there he got up, zipped his pants and kicked the girl out. Vikki rose to her feet and smacked Keith, Keith then hit her back. She could feel the wind hit her ribs as his strong fist punched her. Vikki passed out for a significant amount of time. When she woke up she was tied to a chair. She tried to un tie herself but Keith caught her. He said “ I don’t think so Vikki, your mine forever.” Keith began kissing her all over her body, he was acting as if nothing happened so Vikki did the same. Vikki said to Keith “ I need to use the bathroom”, so Keith let her go. As soon as she got into the bathroom she jumped out the window, ran to her car and called 911. He noticed she was taking a while in the bathroom so he decided to check, by the time he got to the door cops were banging on his front door. Keith was arrested that night and sentenced to three months in jail. Vikki thought everything was going to be okay but she knew she would never forget that night. When Keith got out of jail she went over to his house planning revenge. She told him she was sorry about everything and he believed her. By the end of the night you see flames rising in the air and Vikki running out of the house screaming. She left Keith inside that night and watched her awful ex-boyfriend burn in flames.

After the fire Vikki was very depressed because she killed Keith. She realized that she had no one but her family and she was really depressed. She decided to drink away the pain with a bottle of vodka. Thoughts ran in and out of Vikki’s mind she said to herself “why did I kill him?, was he really that bad?, maybe I’m the crazy one.” “I don’t deserve to be alive when I killed my own boyfriend.” Vikki sat and thought about everything that ever happened to her. She thought about how Keith was before the cheating and abuse, she thought about a lot of things that afternoon and one thing that kept coming up was suicide. At the end of the day Vikki ended up going home and taking a bunch of unknown pills thinking it would make everything better, she drowned them with another bottle of vodka. While she waited to end her life she wrote a letter:

Sorry you had to find me like this and sorry I didn’t say goodbye but there
was really no point in me living anymore….I’ll see you again
someday…well maybe. I love you and I’m sorry.

Xoxo - Vikki

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Diana101 said...
Jul. 16, 2010 at 7:15 pm
I love the ending!! So suspenceful!!
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