Arriving Home

June 10, 2010
By , dexter, MI
She walked out of the room, blood slightly stained her uniform from being punched a few times. She was scared, and everyone had knew it from the look on her face when she had walked in. But now her dad was here. Her good for nothing dad that hadn't given a thought about lending his money to bail her out unless her mom pleaded, and she didn't really care for her mom either. But she knew Logan did. And Audrey. She just had to convince everyone else that it wasn't her. Good luck, Connie.

Audrey walked down the marble staircase, her juicy couture waterfall cardigan flowing in the air-conditioning. The house she was in was enormous enough to fit three of her lofts into it. She was moving into this luscious, breath-taking house. She was also moving right up to the top in her life. She was taking Connie's place in the world. Getting called back and going on go-see's as a model almost every day. Just like Connie. But she was better, she was subtle, but snider and thinner. Connie always envied her for that. Then she was placed in a boarding school. And now, Connie was coming back. Well, Audrey had news for her. You're not welcome here.

Logan waited at the airport. He took out the pack of cigarettes. he knew it would bug the crap out of her, but it calmed him when he needed it, and he was low on money for gas, ever since his mom cut off his salary. Screw her. He felt his phone vibrate, and he checked the inbox. It was Johnny.

He closed his phone and waited some more. This was going to get boring really fast.

Johnny rang the doorbell. Miss Goldbeck came to the door.
" Hello Johnny, can I help you?" She smiled sweetly, and her new highlights shined in the light.
" Yeah, can I talk to Audrey for a minute?" He peeked past Audrey's mom's shoulder to see if she was in there.
" Oh, I'm sorry, she just left."
Johnny sighed a pitiful sigh, and played those puppy-dog eyes for her, " Do you happen to know where she went? It's really, really important." His shoulders even slouched like he was a wounded cute little animal.He looked up at her.
Miss Goldbeck seemed to notice how hurt he was pretending to be, and thought really hard, her face twisted up in thought," Well, she mentioned something about shopping with one of her girlfriends, sorry, that's all I've got."
That will have to do, Johnny said a quick " Thanks, and Goodbye!" and headed to his camero. He texted Logan that he's getting her. Connie's going to flip.

Connie is sitting on the train, staring out the window. Sleep doesn't comfort her tonight, and she doesn't know why. It's the first time in a long time that she can be away from the wretched school and back to New York. Back to her friends, and shopping, and her usual habits. Why did her parents send her there? It didn't even help. They're so dumb.
Someone passes by her seat and she grabs a quick glance of them.Suddenly silver flashes from their pocket, and she sees a gun. Two guns, the other hand has pulled out a second. She catches her breath and sucks in the last of it. Her heartbeat rises rapidly. The face turns toward her, and no one else is sitting by her. She's alone.
Connie sits for what is forever to her, but mere moments. The gun is slowly raised to her head, evenly sitting between her eyes. Quick breaths. One question.
" Who. Are. You?" Connie forces out of her panic-ridden throat. The person pulls off the hood that was covering their eyes.

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