Time to Die

June 7, 2010
By Ashleybear SILVER, Kasass City, Missouri
Ashleybear SILVER, Kasass City, Missouri
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“Grandpa, grandpa, can you tell me a story please? One about a mystery, a scary mystery! Please tell me a story. It’s raining, please; I can’t go outside now, please? I’ll sit still and listen, please!” pleaded Lucy excitedly.

“Lucy, Lucy, I’ll tell you a story, ok, but you must sit still and listen, okay. This is a very scary story set in the present and the past. Are you ready for the story you’ll never forget?” Grandpa asked as he opened a very old book that looked to Lucy that it had not been opened for many, many years. So Grandpa began….

“The air was cool and crisp as I sat upon my window seat. They will strike anytime now. I know it. I feel it in my gut.” Samuel R. said with a laugh.
“This will be a long, very long night,” Samuel R. said.

13 Years later, in the office

“Hey this is police property, no trespassing!” Sheriff Rose said sternly.

“I know.” The man said with a look on his face that could kill.

“Then leave now” (Rose pulls out her gun).

“No need to get feisty.” (The man turns and pulls a knife out, to throw).

“I’m warning you leave this place now or I’ll kill you, GO!” (Rose feels a sharp pain in her leg. She falls with a scream).

“I said not to get feisty,” remarked the man (he kicks her).

“Who are you?” Rose says with a pant of pain and suffering.

“Your worst nightmare, sheriff,” the man said (He leaves her to die).

13 Years in the past, on a stake out, in a field

“Where could that person be? All the evidence told us that he would strike here today! What could be keeping him? This is agony! I want to be the first rookie to catch a mass murderer! Where is he?” Samuel R. scolded the midnight air.

“What am I going to tell the boss? He won’t be pleased with this! I’m dead if I don’t catch him!” Samuel says.

13 Years later

“Rose, hey Rose, are you here? Did you stay here all night working on case 243?” Fred asks as he walks in the room.

“Rose, are you ok?” she’s dead Fred thinks as he calls 911.

50 Minutes later

“Sir, how long have you been here?” An F.B.I agent said with a look at his paper.
“Not very long I came here about fifty minutes before you arrived,” Fred said as he turned to see the men put Rose in the truck.

“Sorry for your wait and your loss sir; we will do everything in our power to get the person who did this to your fiancé” the man said as he turned to leave the room.

Another 10 minutes later in an empty room

“Don’t worry; I’ll get him no matter what it takes. This man will suffer for what he did to Rose!” Fred said under his breath furiously.
“This person will pay, for what he did! I will find him and kill him if it’s the last thing I do!” hissed Fred while he scowled at the F.B.I. agent.
“I will find him! He will pay for it! He will not go unpunished! This man will die, die, DIE! I will kill him!” Fred screamed in his head at the man!”
Years past in a large police station

“Samuel!” The boss’s voice echoed in the large police station.

“Oh, bother he found out about my stake out last night, this will be a fun talk we are going to have.” Samuel said with sarcasm

“Where is Samuel I want to see him in my office on the double?” the boss’s voice boomed through the police station

10 minutes later in the boss’s long, narrow office

“Yes sir, Mr. Boss, you wanted to see me?” Samuel said timidly.
“You had a stake out without me knowing. That was a complete failure!” the boss said with so much anger that Samuel could feel the heat where he was standing.

“Yes sir I had to try something to make a difference in this case. Not that how you were running it wasn’t good or anything, I just thought I could make a bigger difference and find out how positive the killer is about his work. Maybe he will return to the scene of the horrible, bloody crime,” Samuel said trying so desperately to get off the hook that he now dangled from.

“Well if you think you’re going to get off the hook that easy you are terribly mistaken” the boss says with a sly grin on his face.

“N...N...NO I didn’t think that at all. It never even crossed my mind, sir!” Samuel said timidly.

“Good, that’s excellent. Now I can make you work at a desk nothing else. You are suspended from field work! You and the desk will become very good friends!” the boss said while he showed Samuel the door before Samuel could say a word.

“B…b…b...u...t I helped the case out so much when I was in the field,” Samuel stammered.

“You are suspended, end of conversation, got it,” he yelled so loud that Samuel stepped back a few steps.

“Yes, sir,” Samuel said with a gulp.

13 years later in a suburban house

“Leave, you’re suspended, said my boss thirteen years ago on this given night,” said a man in a red cloak that touched the ground.
“Who are you? Leave now or I’ll call the F.B.I.” said a man who is forty plus with a tough morning voice.
“You don’t remember me!” said the man with a smile that twisted and curved like a snake.
“Why should I remember you!?” he stammered.
“So you have no idea who I am, Boss!” the man said with so much anger that the “Boss” felt the heat of his voice.
“You’re Samuel!?” boss stammered as he try to reach for his cell phone.
“Drop that now!” the man yelled like the boss did when he got fired.
“Now, now don’t do anything you will regret,” the boss said as he grabbed his gun from under his mattress.
“Don’t think you can treat me like your clients!” the man said as he tacks his gun away.
“S…am…u…el” (he tried to say when the man shot him in the head)
“I said I was a good addition to the F.B.I.” the man yelled at the dead body.

13 years in the past in an apartment

“Fired, I’m fired,” Samuel said while he was in his apartment talking to his picture of his wife that sometimes talks back to him.
“Honey, you are good at what you do. Aren’t you worried that you can not get any money? You need to pay the bills; now stop stewing and get out there and find a job,” the picture whispered into his head.

10 minutes later outside of his apartment
“Get a job; get a job, why should I get a stupid job? I was good at what I did before! I had a job! A good paying job! One I liked! One I could do well! Why should I get a job?” Samuel griped to himself as he walked down the street with his head hung low and his head filled with anger.

13 years later

“Hello, sir, how are you today? Do you have a kid to pick up?” said the smiley girl at the front desk with a grin that could lift any heart.
“No, I’m here for a different reason,” said a man in a tall top hat and cape.
“Then why are you here? This is a day care,” The goddess of happiness said as she tried to hit the security button under the counter.
“Hey, lady, what are you think you are doing!” the man screamed as he pushed her out of the way of the button making the lady very angry.
“Sir, there are kids in this building are you sure you want to scar them for life,” the women said as she pushed him into the button sending a signal that set off the alarm, which sent the SWAT team rushing into the building.
“Drop you weapon and put your hands behind your head! Now! we have you surrounded. There is no way out. Put your hands where we can see them.” The SWAT team bellowed in their megaphone.
“Okay, the man said as he put his knife to the lady’s throat. Is this good can you see my hands now!” the man said angrily.
“Please don’t kill me; I have three kids that need me. Plea………..”The women said as the knife was pressed harder at her throat.
“Shut up!” the man yelled.
“Let her go!” The swat team bellowed in their megaphone as they ran in and garbed the women and caught the man.

20 minutes later at the police station, interrogation room

“What is your name? they need to know, or, they’ll die in vain!” the N.C.I.S. man said as he pushed the table away from the man.
“Why is it important? I’m on death row. I’ll die in two days. My name isn’t important,” the man said slyly.
“All the people who are going to watch you die want to know the name of the person that killed their love ones!” the man said with so much anger that the man got his hand cuffs and ripped them off the wall where they were cuffed.
“They will never know my name!” the man said as he tried to choke the N.C.I.S. man.
“Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,” the alarm rang at such a loud, fast rate that people for miles could hear its frightful siren.

3 days later, penitentiary, solitary confinement, block seven

“Time for me to die,” the man said to his picture.
“You die with your revenge covered right?I would hate to see you die still angry,” the picture whispered into his head.
“Hey, it’s time for super,” the police officer said as pushed his plate in jail cell.
“Whatever,” his said with an attitude
“This isn’t worth the pay I’m getting,” the police officer said under his berth.

Day two, Penitentiary, solitary confinement, block seven

“Let me out! I need water!” said the man in solitary confinement.

“Shut up now!” the N.C.I.S. man said.

“I’m going to die so give me water” said the man in solitary confinement.

“So you are going to die today anyways” The N.C.I.S. man said without even a look at the man.

“It is my right to have water” (he grabs the man by the neck but the man got out of it fairly quickly).

“It was the right for those people to live, to, wasn’t it, so Shut up and sit down!” the man yelled at the person in solitary confinement.

Electric chair 2:00 pm

“Any last words?” the N.C.I.S. man said as he put the microphone to the man’s mouth.
“Yes,” said the man in the Electric chair.
“What is it you would like to say?” the N.C.I.S. man said with disgust.
“I’m Samuel R.” he said with a laugh that some people say they can still here today.
“Time to die!” the N.C.I.S. man said (the chair was put on, and he dies).

“Grandpa that was the scariest story ever! Is it true?” said Lucy
“It is all true! It has been past down from generation and generation for as long as I know,” Grandpa said as he put the very old book down on the old wooden table in the corner of the room.
“Can you tell me another story?” said Lucy impatiently.
“No maybe another day I’ll tell you one but it’s time for someone to head out and play because the rain has stopped,” Grandpa said as he tickled her
“Okay, thank you so much I will never forget the story!” Lucy said as she walked out the door into the glorious sunshine of the afternoon.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a reminder that one thing that goes wrong. In one person's life. Could change everything as we know it.

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on Nov. 12 2010 at 6:45 pm
Ashleybear SILVER, Kasass City, Missouri
7 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
I can do all things though crist who strenthens me!!!

i think this is a very unusual pice but it has a nice twist. i had no idea that Samuel R who was the mass killer! 

on Jun. 13 2010 at 1:48 pm
Ashleybear SILVER, Kasass City, Missouri
7 articles 0 photos 6 comments

Favorite Quote:
I can do all things though crist who strenthens me!!!

how do you like it victoria (from church)


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