Lacey Act 1 Scenes 3 & 4

May 29, 2010
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(The late bell for seventh period rings. Morgan and Lacey stride over to their table with their trays. As they ate, Lacey glanced nervously around the cafeteria for "weirdo", as she called Sean. Lacey wanted to confide in Morgan about him, but it wasn't easy. As she cleared the trays and emptied them into the trash, she thought and looked uneasy-about weirdo finding out her secret, as if hadn't already.)

Lacey: (Moves from under her chin.) "Have you ever had somebody that you didn't want just there, like, hanging around?"

Morgan: "(Raises her eyebrows at Lacey.)"Plenty of times. Why?"

Lacey: "That weirdo keeps bothering me." (Looks down at table.) "I don't know what to do anymore. He prabably knows about- you know- if he hasn't guessed already."

Morgan: "If he knows, then good, because he'll leave you alone."

Lacey: "Its not that simple."

(Suddenly , their other friend, Richie pokes Lacey on the shoulder.)

Richie: "Hey skaters. What's new?"

(Lacey tried her hardest not to blush. She had feelings for him, but he didn't know. Lacey knew he didn't feel the same way about her, so she tried to act normal. "Still," she thought. "He's still cute." Then out of the corner of her eye, Lacey saw Sean enter the cafeteria and walk toward their table.)

Morgan: (Gesturing toward Lacey.) "Why don't you look to your right?" (Giggles.)

(Sean walks right past them.)

Richie: "Its Sean."

Lacey: (Ready to explode.) "Richie!"

(As Sean walks by, he glanced at Richie, then at Lacey.)

Richie: "oh, you like that guy?"

Lacey: "No! Its a long story."

Act 1 Scene 4

(As Lacey walked down toward 23rd street, she had a feeling that Sean was the least of her worries. She sees Joel's car parked outside her house. Joel was a "friend" of the family. He was also a cop, and Lacey hated cops- she couldn't stand them.)

Lacey:(Greeting Neil.) "Hi, Neil. I'm going to take the bike tommorrow.I'm too tired right now."

Neil: "Ok. No problem. Just don't forget."

Lacey: "Where's Rachel?"

Neil: "She's working late, she won't be home until twelve."

(Since they weren't her real parents, Lacey was allowed to call them by their first name.)

(Joel walks out of the bathroom and stares at Lacey for a moment. Apparently he knew there was different about her, too. It was on a Thursday that it happened. Lacey was coming home from school. Her backpack had so many heavy books and the weight was too much for her. Then she suddenly figured out that she could make it weightless and lift it with her mind, making it float behind her. Joel had come out of nowhere. Lacey had enough seconds to take her bag and strap it on her right shoulder. Joel knew what he saw, but Lacey protested. Now she had to walk on eggshells whenever she was around him.)

Lacey:(Innocently smiling.) "Nice day, isn't it?"

Joel:"Yeah." (Walks past her awkardly. Lacey walks queitly to her room and couldn't help overhearing Joel and Neil.)

Joel:"Has anything strange been happening lately?"

Neil:"Like. . .?" (Lowers eyebrows at Joel.)

Joel:"Like anything moving by itself, or Lac-oh,, never mind."

Neil:(Shrugging nervously.) "I don't know what you're talking about."

Joel:"Yeah, just forget it."

(Lacey hears Neil and Joel say goodbye. As soon as she hears Joel's car pull away, she runs to the living room where Neil is just coming in.

Lacey:'' He knows, Neil! He just knows!''

Neil:(Gesturing for her to sit down.)''Calm down, Lacey. Even if he does know, there isn't anything he can do."

(''Please don't. . ." Lacey thinks.)

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