A Haunting Dream

May 29, 2010
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Darkness. Darkness creeps in everywhere. Darkness is everywhere. The man wakes up. It is so dark in the room that he couldn’t see his own hand. He tries to feel for a miniature flashlight in any of his pockets. He looks and feels. Nothing. The man feels a headache. He is trying to remember how he got there. He is asking himself “How did I get here?” It maybe pitch black, but the man may be lucky by feeling for a window or a door for an exit. He was feeling around and he noticed that he was in a fairly small room. He felt and felt for something, but the man found nothing. He doesn’t know what else to do.
He is trying to remember how he got there. The last thing he remembers is that he was at a massive party. At this massive party, there were huge amounts of alcohol and liquor. After he drank a couple of beers, he started acting insane and out of control. That’s what all the people in the party were acting like, drunk like this man. The house in which the party was held was ruined from the inside out. There were broken and shattered things everywhere on the floor. That is because every one or two hours, somebody would get in a fight. In the end, it did not look pretty. This man would just walk around this house, puking into rooms. Then he saw this dark room which he thought there must be a light switch. As he goes inside looking for a light switch, the door closes. He goes to try to open it, but it was locked from the outside. He couldn’t tell if it was still nighttime or daytime. He was really tired and went to lie down on the cold floor. In a moment he closed his eyes and knocked out.
That’s what the man remembers so far.

He is trying to think of various ways that he can flee the small dark room, but not many things came up. He tried shouting, but he didn’t scream loud. He didn’t want to lose his voice. The screaming and shouting idea did not work. He could not think of anything else to try to get him out of the small unlit room. Then in the corner of the room he saw a bit of light. He looked toward it and the light was shining through the bottom gap of the door. He forgot there was a door, but he remembered that it was locked from the outside. The bright light was still shining; the shadows of feet or something else blocked the light somewhat. The man got terrified because he would not know what would happen to himself. He heard a key shifting the lock, he got even more terrified, but after the lock was shifted completely, the figures went away. He figured that those mysterious shadows must have unlocked the doors. He wanted to open the door slightly and find a method to escape. He held himself back because he thought that someone or something was waiting outside the door, getting ready to attack him. He was qualified to take any chances of getting out. When he opened the door to a slight angle, than completely, something amazed him.

When he opened the door completely, he got so shocked because the house was completely different than last night. There was not a trace of shattered glass, clay or any shattered things on the floor. Everything was neat upon walls and shelves. The hallway had decoration of flowers and vases and decorative pots. The pots and vases were filled with decorative rocks and pebbles. It looked like a spa or a calming meditation center. The man looked in all directions: right, left, and forward. It looked all clear until this woman and this figure had not seen him. The man hid quickly in the dim small room he was just in. At the corner of his eye he saw the woman and the floating figure passed the small dark room and across the hall. He checked the pathway once again and the path was clear. He quietly went down the right pathway, following the woman and the floating figure very silently to see where they would go, as he progresses down the right pathway and notices more décor similar to when he first noticed the drastic change of furniture and decoration. With the furniture and decoration he was sure he was in a spa or some type of meditation center. He was getting closer to a door that the woman and floating figure were going toward. It was a really, old brown wooden door that the hinges have rust all over them. The man had a feeling that the door was going to fall upon him as he will pass through. When he steps, the woman and the floating figure goes through the door with no trouble at all. The floating figure did not have to open the door. In the man’s mind, the seeing of a figure going through a door without it being open was astounding. The idea blew his mind. This man is thinking “How is that possible?! The floating figure must be a spirit or a demon, because only a ghost can do that.” Then the woman opened the door and went through and saw the spirit floating on the other side. The woman and the spirit continued on at a slow pace. The woman left the door open for some reason, so the man walked through. He still was trying to be quiet so he can follow them wherever they go. He follows them; he is surprised that neither the woman nor the spirit had heard them. He learned a thing or two about spirits and ghosts. One thing he learned about spirits; that they can feel vibrations even though they are floating. He thought that the spirit would have felt his foot vibrations and noticed him, but nothing occurred. The man never knew he was that quiet. The man kept following the pair for another five minutes. As the man kept on walking he noticed big tubs and bowls in rooms he passed by. He thought “Why does this look so familiar?” He looked around at all rooms while he was walking, Then he just realized “Oh this is a spirit bath house” He was connecting the spirit bath house with the spirit that is floating around the spirit bath house looking for something or someone.

The man has been walking for twenty minutes or so. He finally followed the woman and the spirit to this huge room. There were many papers, posters, all over the walls and ceilings. In all the posters and banners were list of names and red marks everywhere. On the papers they were photos of both male and female. The woman and the spirit separated across the fairly large room. They both got red markers and started crossing out names. The man sees his name from a distance on a huge list unmarked. When he sees his name, a distance on a huge, he just remembers who he is. He is Justin Rinaldi, then the spirit leaving the room to return something, suddenly stopped. Justin was in the way. The spirit went through Justin like Justin was not even there. The spirit just continued on his way. Justin Rinaldi felt violated, so Justin went back and tried to find an exit. He found many hallways and doors. All the hallways and doors never led to an exit. Every time he went to a door, it was a flight of stairs. Every time he climbed a flight of stairs, he went up a story. He kept climbing stairs every ten or twenty minutes. He finally got to the top and he looks out the window. He saw numerous spirits come in, at the entrance were staff members greeting the spirits as they went through the main door. He noticed this one spirit that did not move and float like the other ones did.

This spirit looked familiar. It was his younger sister. She had this disappointed and terrified look on her face. She wasn’t a spirit; it was actually his younger sister. He wanted to go and talk to her, but he did not want to climb all those flight of stairs back down. He noticed a cushion type of pillow. He risked his life by getting on the ledge and jumped. He thought he was going to die, but he landed on the cushion. It felt strange, like he was controlled or protected. He got up from the cushion. He ran to his younger sister which was in the middle of the bridge. All the spirits were passing through him like the spirit in the building went completely through him, He was face to face with his sister and he put his arm around his sister’s shoulder, but his hand went through her body. At that moment every thing disintegrated. He found himself on his bed in his apartment. “That was a strange and haunting dream.” he thought to himself. He just remembered that he had the party to go at night at the same location in his dream. He decides not to go, even though he wanted to go.


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TeamJacobArchuleta said...
Jun. 10, 2010 at 9:09 pm
Great job! I thought that this was really good, but I did notice something while reading it. You switched back and forth from present day to the past (ex. he feels vs. he felt). Besides that it was great! :)
cassie468 replied...
Jun. 12, 2010 at 2:21 pm
Thank you so much for your advice! Im glad you liked it.
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