Halloween Fright

May 24, 2010
Hi my name is Joe. It's Halloween my favorite holiday of the year because it is filled with laughs and scares. Last year my friends and i went to the new edition, the Haunted Mansion, in the Deathly Hallow Theme Park. We decided we were ready and finally old enough and brave enough to go through it. Little did we know how wrong we were!

Anytime you go through a haunted house the tension builds which makes the whole experience even more frightening. Togetherwith my friends, Fred and Michael we slowly opened the creaking door. The first steps are the worst because you try to prepare yourself for the fright of your life. After a few small steps we gained confidence. Inside it was calm and silent like nothing was going to happen.

As we continued to walk, we saw a sad looking clown lurking around the corner. His beady eyes,caught site of us and he tanked his roaring chainsaw to life. He seemed to faollow us as he lunged even closertoward us. Simultaneously, we yelled and ran toward the door dezperatelytrying to open it. "It's locked," I screamed. "What are we going to do?" exclaimed Fred. "Run," said Michael, as we scurried into the next corridor.

"Whoooooa, that was radical," said Fred. " No really?!," I said sarcastically. Being cautious we walked slowly into another room. As we entered, the door slammed shut with a screech. We slowly turned around and saw it, the scariest thing! a hobo covered with blood began laughing in a ghastly tone, as he stalked toward u with a knife. "I'm starting to think this was not a great idea," i said. " Ya Think?" Michael replied.

"I wanted to be scared but not scarred for life," Fred exclaimed.
"What kind of person would come up with an idea for such a place?" asked Fred. " I don't know, but I think I see the exit over there," I yelled. Even though we all knew the mansion was full of fakes, wee were still shaking. Diving for what might be the exit: I said "If this is just the begging I would'nt want to see what's next.'

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Speech,artguy24 said...
Sept. 7, 2010 at 8:03 pm
Hope you all enjoyed this piece!
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