Run for Freedom

May 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I run panting, slowly losing breath. The sun is setting slowly, which means I’m losing time. I run to a dark abandoned warehouse. I think to myself, where are they? I slowly spin circles around myself, looking for somebody, anybody. I don’t know what they’ll look like, probably wearing dark clothes, probably slim figure; all I know about them is from Darby. Backing up and looking around slowly I lose my footing and slip. It takes that one moment when I’m down for a hand to be wrapped around my mouth and I’m suddenly standing up again with a hand against my back. She was wearing black like I suspected, and had dark hair that braided down her spine. She sees me looking at her and asks, practically hissing, “Are you the only one?” I nod my head with all the energy I had.

“Ok, come with me, “she says to me, like I had a choice. I was dragged down a dark alley from there, with so many lefts and rights I would’ve never had hope for escape. I want to push her to run, but I know I’m doing this for Darby. I have to keep her safe. A tear slowly crawls down my cheek; I try holding the rest in but am unsuccessful. We end up at a big metal door in the darkest corner of the alley, impossible to find unless looking for it. My breath becomes quick and shallow, fright enveloping my body.

The door creaks open a dark face appears behind the door the rest of his body covered. Familiarity covers his face as he looks at the girl.

“Oh, it’s you. Come on,” the face says with relief.

I close my eyes and hope for the worst to be over. I feel myself dragged along the floor and thrown onto a hard surface. I look around and see a makeshift bed, more like a table with a blanket. I hid my face in the blanket and let the tears pour. I feel a hand rub my back and look up hopeful for a kind face. I see a girl with a fast a mask of fright, with her long dark hair messy and covering her face. The only color she had was in her bright blue crisp eyes. This let me know, she was like me, different. I feel a hand yank my arm away from the girl and back towards my new temporary home.

“Let me see your eyes,” is all I hear in a demanding voice, then suddenly a bright light is in my eyes and I know all they’re seeing is black. Not the white or the blue my eyes normally are, only solid black. Darby gave some medicine so they wouldn’t be suspicious of what I really, truly was, and think I was one of them.

“She’s clear,” I hear the voice say; I’m quickly thrown back onto the table.

I look back at the girl, she smiles at me, she looks familiar but I can’t place a name to her face. Her face is all I see before everything is black.

I wake up to a hand covering my face and I see the girl quieting me. I don’t dare ignore her, not knowing what’s going on around me. I look around to see my kidnappers cowering with fright. Either they found out what we were, or more of us were coming.

I think it’s the latter because they’re looking around nervously at the door, but it could also only mean one thing; they’ve discovered what we are.

I look at the girl her face a mask of confidence instead of fright. They only reassure me that they’ve discovered we’re dangerous. That they’ve seen the color our eyes really are in the bright light, a mix of rainbow and gold, meaning we’re the opposite of them, good and even more powerful, we had the power to destroy a life with a snap of a finger, and destroy about 10 of them with a clap of our hands. Now they were the ones scared, and we held the power.

I now know why Darby can’t be here and me instead. She’s one of them, they could of disposed of her within minutes with me they’d have more of a challenge. I’m still frightened because I still can be defeated, but the girl reassures me again with one of her smiles. I want to know who she is because it’s very familiar.

“Katarina?” she whispers.

“No, I’m Kate,” I say scared.

“No, Katrina, It’s your real name. I haven’t seen you since you were about 5,” she squints at me trying to decide if I was really this Katrina she spoke of, that was more than 10 years ago.

I look deep into her eyes and finally realize I know her, “Bronya? It can’t be you.”

“It’s me, “She says knowingly, “oh my dear sister, where have you been?”

I sob, completely losing control, “I’m so sorry, I just ran away when I discovered my power to destroy, I was scared.”

“Well your power was always much more powerful than anyone’s I’ve ever seen, how did you get in this mess?”

“Oh Bronya, I had to protect Darby! She was in danger! She had no hope here!” I say ashamed with myself. The one promise I made with my sister before I left was to stay safe.

“Well all I know with you here is we’re safe, but you are also in terrible danger. You’re the most dangerous person to be here. Do you know what they could do with your power? You’re the next in line for the throne!” She says ashamed of me, but worried for me also.

“I’m sorry. I never wanted this any of it. Why couldn’t you be queen?”

“It was never my fate. It was always in your hands, not mine.”

I whimper knowing my sister didn’t want to be queen but I thought she deserved it more than me so I ran to give it to her probably putting her in even more danger.

“Katrina, we need to get out of here,” she whispers to me, I’ve never heard her so scared.

“We will, I promise,” I’d never been so sure of something.

“I’ll keep your word for it,” she smiles at me.

I suddenly feel something grow inside of me, I’d only had this feeling twice before, whenever I have strong emotions inside of me. My sister can tell because she looks at me and says, “are you getting that feeling Katrina? This might be our one hope!”

I stare ahead of me as my sister grips my arm and the scene begins to change. I’m suddenly in a pasture far away from where I was, hoping I was safe.

“Oh you did it! You did it!” Bronya sobbed with joy, “You’ve brought us home!”

I look around and smile knowing I’m finally safe at last, and hoping that the lab was destroyed with my disappearance, so I could live safe with my family and Darby could finally live a normal life.

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