Good beginging, Bad ending

April 27, 2010
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Central Park had never looked as luscious. The vibrant green trees drooping down over the walk ways. The endless days of winter were finally over. I had to stop a minute to take in the crisp air. Looking up, I saw the baby blue sky that was covered with a blanket of wispy white clouds. I was obliviously looking up at the sky mesmerized by its beautiful color, when I bumped into Sara. “Well, hello Phil, how are you on this fine morning?” She chirped.
“I am very good. This wonderful weather has put me in a good mood.” I sweetly sang.
“Isn’t it so beautiful?” She said gazing at the trees.
“Yes, indeed.” I said matter-of-factly.
“So, are you on your way to the meeting?” She questioned me.
“Yes I am.” I quickly stated.
“So am I, could I walk with you there?”
“Sure I could use some company.”
The park was full of excitement. Children skipping through the park playing all sorts of games. I had to watch out for the runners or I might be as flat as a pancake. I was on my way to “the rock” for our annual prairie dogs gathering. I could see all the prairie dogs scampering around to each other getting cheerful once they say an old friend. I came just in time when Billy ray started to speak.

“Y’all listen up!” He shouted with a country accent.
The talking quickly ceased among the crowd.
“Thank you, as y’all know, we are here for our annual meeting after the long winter. Before we start I have gotta tell y’all some bad news. Y’all know Bert; well he was found dead on the side of Wall Street and Broadway.”
Sharp quick gasps quickly turned the mood melancholy.
“He was greatly loved in our group and he will be deeply missed.” He hushed.
I stood frozenly upon the rock. Looking over at Lindsay because Bert was her brother. Her hand was covering her mouth while she gripped onto Sara.
“Oh no, please tell me this is not real,” She groaned while holding back short sobs.
I quickly jumped over to Lindsay throwing my arms around her.
“It is okay; everything is going to be okay.”
Her head quickly jerked around, “How could you say that. It is not going to be okay my brother is dead!’ Lindsay whined.
Sara butted in, “But it will be okay. I know it is going to be very hard but you have to try and move on.” She demanded.
“It is just, just so surreal.”
“I know I know,” Sara said in a soothing voice as she stroked her back.
“I think you should walk Lindsay home, Sara.” I whispered.
“Good idea.” She agreed.

Sara walked off with Lindsay. There images were fading away but Lindsay’s sharp loud cries still rang in my ear. The day started out so perfect but it ended in disaster.

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