April 23, 2010
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The day was at dusk and the sun had began to fall. A young couple were on their way to Oklahoma on a weekend trip. “ I’m so glad we got out of the house for once Jim.” Pam said with a smile on her face. Jim nodded and reached over, grabbing his wife’s hand.

They both had agreed to go visit their families and just drive all around to places of their memories, but what they didn’t know was where they’d end up. Turning suddenly the couple detoured off of the highway. “Jim…?” Pam began to question before she was cut off.

“Relax, we should take a proper way of traveling, none of these new highways make a journey fun.” Jim found himself turning down a deserted, dark pathway. The potholes sunk the car into them, only to be pulled back up by the better road.

“What is that, Jim…?” Pam exclaimed as she saw something jaggedly stepping into the road; only slight details showed it could possibly be human. “Jim….Jim! Jim stop speeding up!” Pam frantically looked at her husband to see he was in some sort of trance. Upon peering closer she noticed a small trickle of blood coming from his mouth as the car sputtered, and then fell to a stop, a little ways from the unidentified ‘thing’ stood.

With lurking feet it came near, Pam screamed and grabbed at her husband, who seemed in a state of shock, blood still coming from his mouth. The figure opened the car door and Pam looked up, the gaze of evil eyes burned through her being and she quickly closed her own eyes in fear.
“What do you want?” Pam screamed as the being took her by the hair and began to drag her out of the car. “Eternity…” A raspy voice muttered the evil, such as the devil himself was dragging her to the homeland of his demons.

“No, Jim!” Pam screamed before there was a sudden pain in her head, then silence.

They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die, so the memories of Pam and Jim began to roll through Pam’s head. Their first time meeting each other, the events they had cherished since day one, the look on Jim’s face as blood trickled from his mouth…

Pam’s consciousness faded in and out, she saw Jim being dragged such as she, but then everything was once again black.

It was dark, they heavy pit-pat rhythm of the rain felt like every labored beat of Pam’s heart. “Jim…?” The woman called out, her voice a weak whisper, the reaper’s hold on her throat mumbling death’s curse to her soul. A motion moved about the corner of her eye. Pam jumped, but then a cool wave of relief washed over her like a mighty river. “Pam! I’m okay, where are you?” Jim called to her and she heard footsteps.

“Say goodnight…” A raspy voice pierced her ears from behind, and something cold and sharp ran across her neck. “Jim!” Pam cried out, only to fall into the darkness that would never find light.

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