"A Friend from the Past"

April 22, 2010
By Morgan beaver BRONZE, Milton, West Virginia
Morgan beaver BRONZE, Milton, West Virginia
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Milton is a small town right outside the big city. Quiet, not many people travel through there. Thick canopies of trees outline the paved roads and varieties of houses feel the empty spaces between air and the earth. About four houses down Glenwood road lives a young girl; around the age of eight. She’s a unique child doesn’t really talk much but she loves to write and play with dolls. She could sit for hours and just brush a dolls hair. Most children see her as an outcast or as what some may call weird. She spends most of her days getting through school and being alone in her room. She doesn’t mind being alone because she’s an only child and her parents work a lot so she’s used to it.

One rainy day her parents where both out at work and Holley sat in her room writing in her notebook, as usual. It was raining outside and she could see the rain flowing down the glass of the small window. The rain came down so softly it was almost as if the sky was crying. The air had an odd thickness in it that day that made Holley have an uneasy feeling. The house was so quiet she could hear her pencil filling up the blank page with words. Then she saw what appeared to be a shadow run across the hallway in front of her door leading to her room. She jumped and her heart started racing. She stared at her notebook too afraid to look up. The feeling of something in her presence overwhelmed her mind and body. Cold chills raced up her spine and down her arms as she slowly turned her head to the hallway. She jumped with a scream when she saw a young boy standing in her door way. He was very pale, almost translucent. His clothes were dirty and he was barefoot. He took a step towards her and she grabbed her pillow and held it close to her. Trying to catch her breath she said “Who are you?” the little boy still slowly walking forward said “My name is Drake, this use to be my room, I visit often.” Then when he saw the fear on her face he quickly said apologetically “I’m sorry for scaring you, I thought no one was home, that’s when I normally visit.” Holley was still in shock and a bit confused she couldn’t get a single word out she just nodded her head. By then he was standing right in front of her. She offered him a place to sit down on the bed and when set she couldn’t feel the bed move at all. She still held her notebook in her hand and she decided to share some stories she wrote with the boy. She read him a few stories and they talked a while. He asked her many questions about her life and of course she returned the favor back to him. Then she stood up and walked over to her dolls, grabbed a few and threw them on her bed. She and Drake brushed their hair for a while and Holley taught him the proper way to take care of a baby. Drake told her stories from long ago, she set in amazement listening to his every word. So fascinated by the stories she completely forgot how that same boy just appeared in her house. Time seemed to stand still as the two of them became closer friends. Then Drake looked up with his big blue eyes, brown shaggy hair right at the brow line and said “It’s almost time for me to go” Holley was very sad for this was the only person who seemed to like her. They played as if they were exactly alike, he didn’t judge her or call her names; he actually gave her a chance. In the little time they had together Drake became her only best friend. He stood up laid her doll down and walked towards the door. Tears filled her eyes as she hugged him goodbye. In her small ear he whispered “I’ll see you again I promise.” She couldn’t say anything. Once again she felt the same feeling she did when she first saw him; scared and confused. She let go and he took two steps then disappeared into thin air. Her mouth dropped, she starred into the space where Drake had once stood. She walked backwards towards her bed afraid to take her eyes off that spot. She began to think about all the things they talked about. She recalled him mentioning how he use to live there and he use to spend his time writing songs; kind of like her. That’s when she realized what had happened. Drake was a ghost. She had spent her whole evening with a ghost.

Holley now spends her days in her room waiting for Drake to return. She never told anyone about her best friend, mainly out of fear she would never see him again. Now Holley’s days aren’t so lonely and she now has a person that understands her and what she loved most about it is that he was all hers.

The author's comments:
The only thing that relates to me is where Holley is from.

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