April 13, 2010
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As I sat in the darkest corner of my room rocking senselessly back and forth, the sound of many voices poisoned my fragile ears. My hands quivered trying to stay still on the soft floor. "Leave me alone!" I shouted to my ceiling. I tried to cover my ears with my trembling hands, but only trapped the voices within my head. "Just leave me alone." I whispered into the darkness. It was not always this way, I used to be what society calls "normal" until freshman year, when the whispers began.

Chapter 1

Before the whispers began, my life was average. The day things started to change was nine months ago. April first, two thousand ten. I was a simple fourteen year old freshman at Treble High in Treblewood, Colorado. The school year was winding down like an old worn out clock. Sunlight was burning through the glistening windows of the math classroom. My head was laid on my desk, trying to protect my eyes from the sun's soldiers, also known as rays of light. A ruler made a thunderous smack as it collided with the empty desk in front of mine. I rose my head like an alert animal. "Good afternoon Diann." My math teacher greeted. "I was not sleeping Mr. Madison." I pleaded. "Please keep your head up and pay attention." The ruler slipped off the desk smoothly. It reminded me of a snake with no slither. Stale like the bread of honesty. Untouched by the world. "Deanna," Mr. Madison snatched me out of my thoughts. I gazed at him, his troubled brown eyes, awkward structure and the animal living on top of his head. "come up to the board and solve this equation." He instructed. I sluggishly got out of my chair then approached the whiteboard. It seemed so far away as if I could walk forever and never reach it. "Well?" Mr. Madison asked. I had realized that I was standing in front of the board. The red whiteboard marker felt incredibly light in my hand while I solved the problem I was given. (15x2 y4 + 2a3 b4 c6 - 17x +3) (27x2 y17 -8x2 y3 +3) That was the problem I was gifted with. Math was a difficult subject for most but effortless for me. I was quickly solving the problem, showing all my work until a brush of cold wind licked my shoulders. A bullet of chills shot up my spine and caused my entire body to freeze. "Are you finished?" Mr. MAdison questioned after a few motionless seconds. My hand struggled to move but fought through with a purple heart. I let the marker drop when I completed the problem and headed back to my seat.

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Violinist said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 7:44 am
trust me, i love you at this point! but thank you I try hard to have vivid imagination
Katherine93 said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 6:18 am


i'm pretty sure that your getting fed up of me now haha, but seriusly this is really good i love the imagery that you've used and the bit about the 'sun's soldiers' was really good

again well done! :)

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