April 17, 2010
By Anonymous

A pandemonium surrounded me. This is the busiest I've ever seen the mall. December 3rd, 2004 was the date that I was nearly kidnapped.
"The mall is closing in fifteen minutes.", an employee announced it loud enough to be heard throughout Hollister. Customers bolted, pushing one another as they raced towards the registers to make their purchases. They reminded me of ravenous seagulls attacking a piece of food on an empty beach.
When the line settled down, and people ralized that they needed to remeber scruples, smiles were exchanged. I'm a very bubbly, ardent person, so I'm always smiling at people.
But there was this one man, leering at me. He was bald. His eyes were the color of tree bark. His face was swarmed with stubble. Judging on his appearence, he probably forgot to shave this week. I smiled at him. His eyes softened, then he glared again. This is just too bizarre.
I left Hollister, wondering what that man's problem was. Dick's sporting goods was the closest exit, so I walked towards it. Foot steps grew louder and louder. When they got to their forte, my heart began to race. Why in god's name would I consider to come to the mall alone? A thread of my skirt caught onto the railing as I passed the stairs. I think someone is following me, I can hardly braethe, and now my skirt is lacerated. Glorious. I took the thread that was caught, and tucked it inside of my skirt.
The same man from hollister was imprudently following me. I started to run. My heart was thumping. I felt like quarry with this man. The workers appearing ahead looked like they could provide ammenities for me. The man started to run for me. That was when the gate lowered from the ceiling of Dick's to close the store.
My car felt like the safest, most secure place on earth. I took a sip of water from an old water bottle in the car. Astonished as I was, I dropped it. S***, it's everywhere. Luckily, there were napkins on the dashboard. When I got back up, the man was in front of my car.
I was in complete shock. My brain couldn't even signal me to lock my doors. The man was halfway into my car. He clearly saw me as tangible, for he reached for the lacerated portion of my skirt. But what I did do, was put my pedal to the floor, and peeled out of that parking lot. The man collapsed on the cold asphault ground, as I ran over his foot with my car. In the rearview mirror, the man still continued to leer at me.

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