A Small Taste

March 31, 2010
By Kaden BRONZE, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Kaden BRONZE, Columbia, Pennsylvania
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"A man is never truly himself in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you everything."

I hide in the dark alleys of your mind, flashes that you pass off as shadows. I gander and lust upon the innocent and intend to take the weak and kill the helpless. My eyes of gifted insanity, I have given it all I have. I sacrifice myself to insanity so that in return, I can become blind and foolish. I slit open my mouth and hope you are ready for a laugh. I peel the flesh from the bones and let it hit the floor. I stand before you know, truly naked and happy. All is lost for a taste of insanity. I pull the fingers off, one by one. I left them hit the floor with a sound of delicate rain drops. I smile and listen to the sound of my teeth fading into power. I step backwards in fear and become in embraced by darkness. In these shadows, I am only a voice. In your mind, I am only a voice. I will forever be a voice inside of your mind, as you were to me. I crave to dance with my shedding flesh, he looks so peaceful. I pick it up and place my hand with his. He raises his head and smiles at me, he kisses me on the cheek and whispers words of encouragement. We dance and laugh, we sing and sweat. I close my eyes and let the music take over me. The sounds of screams mixed in with deranged laughter and splashing tears, what a soundtrack. Funny so far? Not to worry, it only gets better. He smiles at me once more and then walks away from me. “Taste me, give it all away to me. Let your self die.” He screams and laughs while he dances around me. He begins to chant his words of forbidden passion. I try to fight these feeling, so I close my eyes. As they were closed, I saw a man approaching me from a distance. He holds the emotions of rage in his hand and laughs hysterically. A woman approaches behind him and and floats toward me. She holds a ball that glows with dark green smoke. She kisses me on the lips and then stands directly in front of me. “Sunshine, I'm gonna praise your name.” she chants these words over and over again. I open my eyes and fling backwards. I extend my hand as the dark ocean engulfs me. I listen as the ocean whispers its words of wisdom. I swim to the top and feel something grab my hand. My skin, my faded flesh of a corpse is smiling down on me. He puts his hands on my chest and tells me everything will be alright. My eyes were closed, I'm awake now. I open my eyes and look at the body in my arms. He is in my arms and bleeding from his throat. I walk over to the other side of the room, put some music on and pick up the corpse. We dance and dance, I laugh and he bleeds. I sweat and he rots. He raises his head and hands me a joyous symbol. I take the symbol and make my wish come true. I fall to the ground and feel my heart pulsating awkwardly. He picks me up and whispers to me. “Shall we dance, Mousier Puppet?” I nod my head and let him swing me around loosely. The lights fade to gray and the curtain will soon draw. I smile and let the corpse spin me.

The author's comments:
This was just a dream I had once.

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Dayani BRONZE said...
on Apr. 14 2010 at 10:46 pm
Dayani BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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If you cant trust a homie, you cant trust no one.....
If you try and dont success try again and if you still dont succeed maybe you aren't trying hard enough
Its hard work that gets you stuff but its inspiration that pushes you

for a dream its pretty descriptive and awesome, hope you write more. If you get a chance read Potion Room l

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