Them Chapter 1

March 3, 2010
By GOlmstead BRONZE, Litteton, Colorado
GOlmstead BRONZE, Litteton, Colorado
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I thought I had friends. I thought I had family. But I guess I don’t. I guess I never did. I’m Elena and this is my story of how they found me.
“Wake up Elena” my mother called in a musical voice. “Not till my alarm goes off!!” I screeched after her. “Beeep Beeep” the alarm clock wined for me to get up. “Fine I all get up but “. “Elena, we were wondering where you would like to go for your birthday lunch.” She asked in a voice that we were my dad my brother and his best friend, Stephen. “Um well I will think about I will tell you when I am more conches.”
My mom left the room with my dog Bonnie.

Bonnie was a golden retriever but she never grew to her normal size. I when to a farm where my mom told me I could get a dog and I just took her.

My feet swung out of bed and tripped over my messy messy room. As I dodge the piles of clothes in search for the present (my family hides one present in my room for me to find in the morning).

As I searched I though I mind as well get dressed before I go down stares. I flung open the doors of my closet and began searching for something to wear. At the bottom of my closet floor I found the present. The card said “To Elena

From Your loving Family”
I tore open the box with pleasure and in the white little box came a lilac dress with a silk top and a lacy skirt and the neck line was a heart shaped. I squealed with joy as I but on the dress. It was amazing it had fit perfectly it was like it was made for me.
As I skipped down the stares my lungs filled with the sweet smell of cinnamon and orange juice oh and vanilla (that was me!). “Wow” my brother r and Stephen said in unison. “Elena you look really um” Stephen said with his eyes bugging out of his head. My father turned around and said nothing. It was really funny actually. Finally my mother came from down from up stares and she was pretty all of a sudden I felt like I was under dressed even though she had on a plain summer dress I still felt that way.
As I decide where to go for lunch I kept looking at Stephen. But what was weird was he never stopped looking at me.
We drove up to my favorite restaurant The Garden Place. It was very beautiful, there where tones of trees water falls and any thing you could imagine. When the server took our orders my mom asked, s“Where did you get that dress?”. “Well um I thought I thought you gave this to me?!” I said with amazement as my mouth hung open. She sadly swung her head no. “But I though this, what this is not my gift then, who , how, what the heck I just found this at the bottom of my closet!!!” my eyes began to fill with tears I could no longer see the faces of my family and Stephen. I closed my eyes and my mom told me the story.
“ Elena um since we lived, since our family has lived in this house for so many years I guess it was your great great great grandmother Elena.”. “ What is wrong with that??” My mind was too confused and my head started to spin. “Well you see Elena you were named after her so this must have been hers. But she died on this date at 9:00 pm in this dress she was only hit once and that is on the left side.” I searching over this flawless dress she was right I saw a blood stain, suddenly I was no longer hungry.
The server served our food and we filled dour mother s with food as much as it could fill and we rushed out of the restaurant.
When we got home I ran to my room. As I walked in I saw my dog hanging, stabbed through the heart by my flag stand. I looked for a way to get her down. I looked at the wall in my dogs blood was “Join us Elena!” “Ahhh!”

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