The Abandoned House

February 25, 2010
By AshleyV2011 BRONZE, Kenton, Ohio
AshleyV2011 BRONZE, Kenton, Ohio
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One day after school two of the many kids at Walberg High were walking home from school. The girl, Addie , was tall, tan, had blonde hair and blue eyes, the kind of eyes that you just never wanted to look away from. Addie was the daughter of the towns’ doctor, so she was very popular, she got along with everyone and she was the cheer captain and of course, she had a boyfriend. The boys name was Billy, he was tall, very pale skinned, black hair with shockingly blue eyes, almost looking like the ocean water, he was from a divorced family, and he lived with his mother. Billy was very quiet, he read a lot, and he wore dark clothes and listened to metal, he was exactly what you wouldn’t want your daughter to date, and he was Addie’s boyfriend.

Today they decided to take a new way home, through the woods. They found a very old but beautiful cabin with sunflowers all around the outside; sunflowers were Addie’s favorite. “omigod, look Billy! Those sunflowers are so beautiful, I wonder if anyone lives here, I would love to pick some.” Said Addie. They went up to the house to find that it was abandoned so, they decided that this would be a place for them, to hang out, talk, do whatever and they would come back everyday.

“Addie” said Billy down on one knee, “will you marry me?” he asked. Now this was about a year after they had found the house, it had quickly became Addie’s favorite place, so he thought it was the perfect place to propose to the one he wanted to be with in the spot that she loved more than any other.

“Oh, Billy, you know I love you but I’m far too young to get married.” “We’re only 17, we have our whole lives ahead of us” said Addie. She didn’t know what else to say, she really loved Billy but, this step was just way too much for right now. The idea of marrying Billy hadn’t ever crossed her mind. Addie wasn’t one known for thinking about her future; she was always in the now.

Billy was always prone to get violent when he got angry, and when Addie said no, something snapped. Billy went absolutely crazy. He started throwing chairs and punching the walls. He was screaming about their future and how everything was going all wrong. Billy had never been so angry before, he just started running after her. Addie realized that Billy wasn’t going to stop so she took off as fast as she could. Addie had always known Billy was unstable but she’d never seen it for herself, until now.
As she was running she pleaded with him, telling him how much she loved him and that she took it all back. But Billy knew she was just saying that to calm him down, and then as soon as he was calm she was going to take off and tell people about this and he couldn’t put his family through anything else. They had been through enough, all he could think about was what his mom and brother would think if they found out about this. He panicked and calmed down, at least enough to fool Addie, which was what he wanted, he needed her to stop running because he just couldn’t catch up. She stopped running, he grabbed her like he was going to hug her, and then he broke her neck in one quick turn. He heard the noise, it was almost calming to him, and he was out of trouble, for now. So he grabbed the shovel out of the old cottage and dug a very deep hold right next to the sunflowers, he knew that is where Addie would want to be. He buried her and then he burned the shovel and buried the metal parts of it, so no one would be able to get anything on him.

The next morning Addie’s father went to wake her up but she wasn’t there, and of course he was aware that she was supposed to be with Billy so, he called the police. As he was on the phone with them officer Kane came to the door, “hello max, we got a call from Billy at about 9 this morning saying he couldn’t find Addie, that she ran off last night, is she here?” asked Kane.
“No, she is not here I just called the police, the last time I saw her, she told me that she was going to see that no good boyfriend of hers, Billy” he said. You could tell that he really was worried, and he knew he should be from what he’d heard about Billy from everyone. He knew that he had something to do with this. He spent his whole life trying to protect Addie, all alone, Addie’s mother had died giving birth, and he wanted nothing more than to keep Addie safe. Now despite everything he did to keep her safe, she was gone.

The police tried everything they could to find her but it just seemed that there was no evidence. The only thing anyone thought was that Billy knew a lot more than he was saying but, there was no way to prove it. And Billy was helping with the searches, and posting posters trying to find her. The whole town looked everywhere. There were search dogs that had led the police to the cabin but there was no sign that anything happened there. Billy had buried the body so deep that the dogs couldn’t smell it.
About two weeks after Addie’s disapperance Billy just couldn’t live with the guilt, he had killed the only person he ever loved more than anything. He didn’t want to go to jail or spend his life running so, he wrote a note, explaining where she was and why he had killed her, and sat it on the living room table and he went back to his bedroom. His little brother was standing outside the door about to go in when he heard Billy say, “I’m so sorry Addie and I love you”.
“No!” yelled Billy’s brother.
But it was too late. Billy took his own life, his brother called the police to tell them what happened. They found the note. Later that day the unburied her and they planned funerals for both of the kids, they were buried next to each other in the Walburg cemetery.
As unfortunate as this is, its how the story ends.

The author's comments:
This is just something that came to me when i was thinking about what to write about.

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