No Where to Hide

February 18, 2010
By Brian9723 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Brian9723 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Ahh!! Screamed the girl to the empty dark woods, “Please...Please... Don’t kill me. After that all you could hear was a scream.

2 weeks before

a local high school took its 12th grade students on a field trip to go to a camp for a week. Among these students was a girl named Riley. She was an ordinary girl except no one but her best friend Jason liked her. There had been stories that the camp was haunted but no one in the town believed it. The boy Jason had a big crush on Riley but she didn’t know. The kids start packing their stuff and put them in the bus and then saying goodbye to their parents. “Now Riley you have a good time and be careful, ok young lady “her mother told here.”Okay mom ill make sure of it, take care of yourself, bye mom” she replied. “Come on Jason let’s get on the bus before she gets all emotional, you know how she is” she whispered to Jason.” Yeah I can remember how she is” he says. So the bus driver told the kids that it should take them about 4 hours to get to the camp because it was two towns away. Riley is sitting with Jason and suddenly says “Whoa” she quickly said to Jason as she turned around to see his face.”What happened” he asked her in surprise.”Nothing I just thought I saw something but I guess my mind is playing tricks on me” she replied and then starts to fall asleep. Two hours passed and everyone woke up because the bus driver told them they had to camp outside because the bus broke down.”So where are we going to go?”She asked the bus driver with a poisonous voice.”Listen, Little Miss attitude and everyone else we’re going to have to camp outside “the bus driver replied. So the kids went outside and unloaded their bags from the bus. So they followed the bus driver to their “camping site”. The place was damp, dark and abandoned. It smelled like a deer’s blood when it had just been slaughtered. Each of them found their places and set up their tents. Around 2 a.m. in the morning suddenly Riley hears a noise from outside.”I bet it’s nothing, it’s probably just a bunny or something”. She fall asleep and heard the noise again. She started to unzip the zipper in her tent...Very slowly. As she got outside she started walking very slowly into the woods. As she got into the woods she heard a different noise, her heart started to pace really fast. Crack! She heard and started to run and then saw what it was.” Oh it was just an owl” she said to herself trying to comfort her thoughts. When she suddenly turned around she saw a dead body. Red-colored blood came sputtering out of the corpse like a waterfall, making a pool around its lifeless body. Riley saw it oozing slowly out of the body, and let out a blood-curdling scream. She started to run back to camp as fast as she could. Her bare feet started to hurt as she ran through the woods. As she screamed with fear and terror everyone woke up and went outside their tents except for Jason. “What is wrong with you girl?’ asked the bus driver.”I don’t care if you guys don’t believe I saw a dead corpse in the woods it was squirting blood everyone it was a girl I don’t know who she is though” Riley exclaimed in terror. So the bus driver told all the kids to go back to sleep and she followed Riley to where she declared that the dead corpse of the girl was. As they went through the dark woods and reached their destination they found nothing. Riley was very embarrassed and told the bus driver that she really saw it but now no one believed her. The days passed on and people in the camp started missing. It started as 1 person missing to 5 people missing per 3 days. 5 days before the camp ended Riley went to the woods for a walk even though the bus driver told her not to. She was walking and got to a place she had never been in before. As soon as she took one step the floor collapsed and she fell into a pit of corpses. It smelled like a slaughter house and there was a big pool of blood. As soon as Riley realized what she was swimming on she yelled out a scream but no one heard her. She couldn’t stand being there but the days passed on and on. She managed to get out of the pit hole three days later hoping that she could find some help. But when she got back to the camp everyone that was there before was gone and dead. Puddles of leaking red blood were poured in the floor of the camp site. She heard a scream and ran to see where it was. There she saw what she never expected to see. “It was you that did this, all along you were gone killing the people. Why did you do this” Riley declared in shock. “Wow finally someone found me red handed and it can’t believe it is you. I only did this for you because they treated you horribly and I love you so I couldn’t stand seeing you being so miserable so this is what I did” Jason explained to her.”You—you...Love me?” she asked in a soft toned voice.”Yes and I want to marry you. Will you take me to be with you forever? He asked Riley. “I can’t love a person like you” she replied. “Why?” Jason asked. “Because look at what you did you’re a killer Jason. You killed everyone one.” She yelled to him. “Well since you won’t love me I guess I will have to do to you what I did to them” he yelled back. Riley as scared and shocked as she was started running towards the highway hoping she could find help. But, she took the wrong way which leads her to the lake. She looks back and trip on a stone. She sprained her ankle so bad that she couldn’t move at all. Jason got closer to her. “Please...Please... Don’t kill me” she pleaded. He grabbed the knife and as soon as he was about to hurt her. He collapsed to the floor. A silenced gunshot had hit him. Riley turns to see who hits Jason. It was her dad. “Dad!!” she yelled in excitement. “How did you find me” she asked. “Well the bus driver called me and then she was gone. I think he killed her but she was able to tell me that he was killing everyone and he was going to get her next so I should come and try to save you guys.” He explained. “Well, it doesn’t matter I just want to go home.” Riley said. In the end Riley went to a psychologist so she could forget about those bad memories. The police were able to put Jason in jail until he died. But we never know he might be back…

The author's comments:
My friends Maseer helped me and gave me some ideas on what i should add and take off in the story.I would like to thank him for the support.

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on Mar. 27 2010 at 11:03 pm
maseeraka BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
i dont know

yeah!! brian lol people check out my story

on Mar. 7 2010 at 5:59 pm
Brian9723 BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Thank you for commenting and giving time i write a new story ill make sure i follow these advice.

on Feb. 28 2010 at 9:43 pm
arElana PLATINUM, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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i really liked the story, but a little more detail would help. also, each time someone says something, make a new paragraph. it makes writing easier to follow. other than that though, i really enjoyed this


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