The Aftermath

January 9, 2010
Everything went black as my head smashed against the hard concreate. I felt a man pick me up and haul me on to his shoulders, walking back to the car and talking to his partner. he laid me on the seat, closed the door and started talking into a walkie talkie saying stuff that i couldnt understand. He flipped the siren, hit the lights and the car sped away from the curb heading tword the police station i figured. When i was able to open my eyes I was in a white couldnt have been an insane assylum because the room wasn't padded, or was this what the rooms in the insane assylum acually looked like? I had only heard stories about this place, bu i never thought i'd be in here. When the only door on the far side of the room opened my eyes be continued in "The Assylum"

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