state of the dead

October 12, 2009
Narrator: It’s been 3 days since I’ve seen my family I’m forgetting her face each and every day and my little girl she’s only 6, I hope their alright
Far away in the distance: urrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!!!!
Narrator: Crap! They’re already here. T faster than I thought I guess this town has more than Winston village well I guess it is the STATE OF THE DEAD
Zombie pulls up looking at him he pulls out his gun zombie runs bang zombie dead right through the eyes
Narrator: I guess that one for the book
Narrator keeps on walking it’s like a farm keep on walking looks up the sky or gray but it’s only on the north range
Narrator: better hit a home before it rains
Finds shelter in a farm houses the door and widows are broken and their blood all over the front porch one zombie dead
Narrator: there should be more zombies inside one zombie couldn’t of done this
Pulls out two pistols both revolvers
Narrator: I go in to check I hear moping behind the couch but it like crying so I look over and it’s a little girl she come and hit me and I think she thinks I’m a zombie so I calm her down and after some food she tells me everything like how the parents got dragged out the widows so those were here parents that were dead on the porch all of the sudden I black out………


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