October 19, 2009
By Fight4Love SILVER, Scott Depot, West Virginia
Fight4Love SILVER, Scott Depot, West Virginia
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"Life is crazy and sometimes you hate it, but it isn't what other people think, it's what you do to make them think that." -One of my friends

This story that I’m untangling is that of a true one. Long ago when night and day were none existent two groups of vampires ruled above the others and the animals. One group was the Night family. The Night family controlled the Moon that’s crescent shape filled up one side of the blazing sun. The other group was the Shining family; they controlled the Sun.
Together the two families lived in peace, and their half-vampire half-human children grew intertwined with each other. Each family had six children, three boys and three girls. In order for the sun and moon to live peacefully in the sky the families must never harm each other or break the bonds between them.
The smaller families of vampires obeyed the Night’s and Shining’s rules and laws with glee, happy to serve the two families. But one fateful day, Christopher Shining and Lillian Night walked in the forest that was the Earth.
Christopher’s black hair swayed in the slight breeze and Lillian’s long flowing orange hair tangled lightly behind her. As they held hands, Christopher complained of their strict animal blood diet. Lillian told him it was the way of the true vampires to fight the urges to end humanity.
Christopher hated the way of his and the Night’s parents’ rulings. Christopher told Lillian that he loved her and grabbed her tightly by the shoulders with his mountain-like strength and pulled her in. Lillian, unaware of what was crossing in his mind, didn’t fight back.
Christopher opened his flawless mouth and let his fangs grow out. Lillian started to struggled but her strength wasn’t enough. He leaned in and brushed his lips against Lillian’s neck and bit. He felt the blood rush into his mouth. The warmth filled his cold body until the blood ran dry and her body still.
When the Night’s found out what Christopher did, they broke the bonds between them and went to the other side of the Earth to live alone with the other vampires that obeyed them.
This separation caused Night and Day, and the rise and fall of the Sun and Moon. But it also caused two more dangerous things for the lives of humans.
One was the hunt for humans by the Shining family and other vampire families who followed them instead of the animal hunting Night family.
Two was the war that now raged between the Night family and their followers and the Shining family and theirs.
Now humans live with misunderstandings of the vampire race and die for the one temptation that Christopher longed for from the woman he loved. Now the war rages stronger and more deadly that Alexxander Night has a reason to live among the humans.

The author's comments:
This is the introduction to a story I've been writing to some time now. Please give your thoughts!

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