Alive and Undead

October 11, 2009
"Come my love, we must leave now." I felt a tug on my lifeless hand. I ignored it just as I ignored the thunder and rain crashing around me. I continued to look down in front of me. I couldn't see all the crying family members surrounding me dressed in black. All I could see was the name carved into the stone in front of me. I fell to my knees not caring about the mud on my black dress and let my fingers trace the name. Bethany Night. It was me. I may have my body and humanity above ground but my soul was in a coffin beneath me. I felt someone kneel down next to me and managed to tear my gaze away from my tombstone. It the man who trapped my soul in the coffin and the man my still heart needs. He remained silent for a second and I could tell that he was debating whether he would miss the old Bethany and love the new but how couldn't he. He words of love is what made me realize that I needed to spend eternity with him. He sighed then looked at me. I felt his palm press against my check and I couldn't help but to give into the comfort it was causing me.
"Don't be worried my love." He whispered around the storm. "Your new life has begun."
He kissed me on the check and then rose again. This time I knew I had to follow him. So I let myself stand and my feet follow the love of my eternal life. I couldn't help but to look back on my old life to say goodbye and ready myself to say hello to my new life ahead of me.

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