How Can I Trust You Chapter 1

October 10, 2009
By Loveoverated01 SILVER, Bristol, Connecticut
Loveoverated01 SILVER, Bristol, Connecticut
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I reached out to grab her hand. I didn't know her. Nobody did but I was the only one to see what happened to her and now I understand why she hides in the shadows. A mixture of rain, blood, and glass dropped from the arm and hand I used to hold on so tightly to her hand. My arm was half-way out off the shattered window she had fallen through.
"Don't let me go!" She screamed shooting up her other hand to grab my bleeding arm. I screamed. The pain was so strong and didn't stop as she held on tighter.
"I wont!" I yelled back over the sound of the storm as I tried to pull her back up. I could only lift her a couple inches. I looked down past her at the fall. Five stories from the ground. If I let her go she wouldn't live. I stared down and feared what will happen next. I watched a man walk under her and jump into his car. He was no help because he was the one who did this to her. I continued to pull her up until she came back through the shattered window tearing holes into her short black dress. We both clasped to the ground breathing heavy. She looked at me as I stared at the ceiling.
"Thanks." She said. I looked back at her.
"I would never let anything like that happen to you." I said between breathes. We continued to lay there until our energy was back. Her long curly black hair came to her bloody shoulders. She looked at me.
"What are you doing here?" She asked staring at me.
"Actually I'm not. I was passing by on my way to work and heard you scream. Your front door was open." I smiled and looked back at the ceiling.
"Ah, that would explain that dorky tutu and 'I love Codo's Ice cream' hat you threw onto the ground when you walk into the room." We both laughed and turned our attention to the ceiling.
"Your hurt." I said sitting up.
"You are too." She said staring at my arm and hand."Come on, I have a first aid kit downstairs."
"Wait! You live in this palace?" I said standing up. She turned around and stared me down. I felt like she could see right through me.
"Yeah...Don't tell anyone okay?" She turned around and headed for the door.
"Okay..." I said and followed her. She brought me down two flights of stairs and into a bathroom.
"Here have a seat. I'll be right back." She said then left. I scanned the room. Everything in this place seemed like it was made from gold. Everything gave off this hypnotizing shine. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. She returned with a first aid kit in hand but she seemed different. She didn't have a scratch on her! That is impossible!
"Hey what happened to all you cuts?" I said staring at her shoulder as she opened the box.
"Don't ask." She said pulling stuff out of the box.
"Why not?" She began to clean my arm and I suddenly began to feel pain again. Stronger then before.
"Because then I'd have to kill you." She smiled like she was joking but something didn't seem right. I mean why did that mysterious guy just push her through the window then leave like it was nothing and how did she heal so quickly. Something here I wasn't getting. I just didn't know what.

"Kace!" I walked quickly through the crowed avoiding the cry out for my attention. It was another stormy day. We seemed to be getting a lot of storms and rain this summer. My short light brown hair dripped water onto my already soaked uniform.
"Kace! Hold up!" I wanted to stop and turn around but I couldn't. Not after getting an ear full from my boss about the last time I was late for work though it wasn't my fault. I think saving a life would be a great excuse to be late for work.
"Kace..." Suddenly I was stopped when a fragile hand grabbed onto mine. I turned around and watched people walk around me to see the familiar frightened face.
"Oh! Iahana! I didn't think it was you..." It was the same girl that held on for her life onto my broken arm as she hung out of a shattered window. Something was different about her... All of her scares were gone except a new one across her cheek.
" Please, call me Iah. We should hang out when you get out of work. I should buy you dinner. You did save my life... and I think I have something to explain to you." Her eyes screamed sorrow but her smile screamed peace.
"Um... Sure. I'll meet you after work." I stared at her cheek. "Try to be careful okay?" She smiled.
"I'll see you then." She turned around and disappeared into the crowed. I turned around and ran the rest of the way to work.

"Kace! What did I tell you about being late! One more time and your a** is fired!" I ran into the door and grabbed my apron.
"Sorry boss! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" I put on my ice cream hat then took my place behind the ice cream counter.
" Way to go nub! You got the boss mad and now the rest of the day we are going to hear his complaining." I turned around to see the employee of the month or as I call him Jerk of the month.
"Shut up Robb! I don't see you saving lives!" We stared at each other for a while until I couldn't take it anymore. I turned around to my customer.
"Hi! Welcome to Codo's ice cream! What can I get you... oh." I stared ahead of me debating if a guy this handsome can even exist. He was so tall and handsome!
" Hey. Can I have a chocolate in a small cup with rainbow sprinkles?" He said as he pulled his long black hair away from his dark brown eyes. His smile was the most amazing thing about him.
"Yeah. Sure." I turned around to face the jerk of the month. " Hey fat head! I need a brown moo in a cup with the rainbow!" I turned around to the handsome guy again preferring to look at him rather then Robb.
"So is this brown moo for you?" I asked with flirty eyes.
"Nah." He smiled." Its for my little sister." He pointed to a table behind to a little girl with long black hair with a big pink bow in it and A pink dress to match it.
"She's adorable." I smiled.
"Yeah... Our parents abandoned us as soon as I turned sixteen. I've been taking care of her ever sense." I stared at him and thought 'wow, handsome and caring! Can I find a more perfect guy?'
"Hey nubb! Here is the brown moo in a cup with rainbows." I turned around as my thought were so rudely interrupted by Robb. I turned around to get Mr. Perfects order.
"Here you go. Please tell your little sister to enjoy. What's her name?" I asked handing him his order.
"Her name is Tommy and mine is Chase. Here." He handed my a folded up paper. " It's my number. We should hang out sometime."
" Cool." I said happily. " My name is Kace by the way."

After Chase left the rest of the day dragged on slowly. With the fighting with Robb and getting screamed at by my boss I was happy when it came to an end.

"Good morning class. This years school festival is three months away. Twenty students were chosen to run each activity. Three of those people were chosen from this class. Please listen up incase I call your name." I sat in a desk in the back of the class chewing on gum and drawing on the desk. I hated school. Everything I needed to know I already did but I still had to go to school. Being a junior in high school sucked because everyone looked up to you but you weren't the leaders of the school just yet.
"Iahana you'll be in charge of the haunted house. Shouldn't be too hard. Robb you'll be in charge of the buffet. Food Robb." Our teacher liked to make it seem like Robb was the stupidest guy in the class which I didn't have a problem with because he was.
"And finally Kace!" My head shot up to stared in disbelief at my teacher. " You'll be in charge of Karaoke! That should be fun!"
"Um no it's not! I cant...I just---"
"Suck at singing and don't want to embarrass yourself?" And evil look shot across my face and followed the voice straight to Robb knowing that rude comment came from his mouth.
"Who do you think you are jack***! I have a voice and I can sing a lot then your squeak you call singing! You know what teach I'll do it!" I said angrily.
"Great I'd like all three of you to meet me after class to discuss rules and regulations." Ugh, teacher talk made my head hurt.

The author's comments:
This is the first chapter to the story I'm writing but I am convinced that the first chapter would be better then the rest.

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