The Front Door Neighbor part II

September 28, 2009
By B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
B-Rabbit SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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As he walks to the kitchen he hears the cabinet slam shut. He ducks for cover as a plate flies above him missing his head by an inch or two. So far nothing has gone right. He hears an earsplitting shriek down by the basement. As Genesis runs around the house looking for the basement the lights go off. He sees a window near by but when he reaches for the curtains to let some light in, the street lights are off. The moon is out but there is not enough light to light up the room.
Just when it can’t get any worse, it gets cloudy. It starts to rain hard. You can hear the loud thunders, and the only light that’s given is from the lightning. There is a big loud bang coming from the side of the closet, you can’t really tell if it was coming from the inside of the house or was it just the deafening thunders. Genesis barely starts to suspect that the house is haunted, a slight late but he’s catching on. Genesis takes out his cell phone to call for help but when he tries to make a call all the signal lines are down.
Once again he hears the voices. He tries to ignore them but he can’t. So slowly he walks toward the closet. Step by step the floor squeaks. As he reaches for the door knob something taps his back. He gets frightened and turns around quickly swinging his fist in the air hoping that he would hit whatever tapped him, but sadly there was nothing there. So again he turns around and heads for the door knob, and again as he reaches to turn it, something taps him on his shoulder but this time harder. He turns around, but this time he doesn’t swing his fist in the air, he runs for the door. As he tries to open it to get out of the room, he hears the closet door shake. Slowly he turns around and stares at the closet, it’s shaking thunderously and rapidly.
He wonders what’s inside there, but he can’t find out because every time he tries to open that door something always stops him. The door starts shaking even harder. As Genesis starts to walk towards the door once again, he hears footsteps all over the room. He starts to wobble with terror. He hears his name be screamed out and sometimes even whispered out. He gets a feeling something doesn’t want him to open the door. Genesis closes his eyes tight and tries to ignore all of these extraordinary activities. If only there was a way to get out the house he wouldn’t of be here right now.
Genesis stares at his reflection coming from the other side of the wall. He can’t really tell if it’s a mirror because from the darkness, but he assumes it is so he walks towards it. Apparently it is, he stares at it for quite a while and then he sees some strange image behind him a couple feet away. He gets terrified and turns around quickly but there is nothing there. Once again he hears the loud shriek, but this time is louder and it’s coming from above. Genesis grabs a chair that was near him, picks it up, takes a few steps away from the door, and then he runs through it smashing the legs of the chair on the face of the door. Finally, he breaks out room.
Genesis ends up in lying on the floor grabbing on his side. With any sudden movements he shutters out with pain. He takes a few seconds to relax, and then he stands up slowly and gently. When he’s already on his feet, he gets a pleasant surprise.

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on Oct. 16 2009 at 3:14 pm
dragonfan SILVER, Arcidia, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Death truly makes an artist"

at each story u leave me with suspence you are a great writer!


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