Tonight They Come (Page 4)

September 25, 2009
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“Yes mommy. But what happens if-”

Mom interrupted Ambo and confidently, but still unsurely said, “We are going to be just fine. No ‘what if’s’. If everyone follows the plan we WILL be fine.”

And after her statement Dad quickly, but silently kicked opened the front door to the street. It revealed the smoky flames and ashes of the building across from us, but not a living being was in sight. We were late... Everybody had already made a run for it. My father went in front of us, looked out along the street both ways and gave us the nod to go. Ambo jumped up on my back and wrapped her arms around my neck. She buried her face into the hood of my fuzzy sweatshirt and hugged me tighter.

When outside, the sirens were louder than ever. The air was thick with smoke and hard to breathe. The fiery balls that were dropped from the enemies airplanes were easily seen against the black starless sky. I held on to my sister to let her know that I was there for her. We all followed my brave dad into our street and around the burning building into the alley. Papa was in the back, his cane thumping the ground faster than ever. He had no problem keeping up with my dad’s sprint.

As we snuck through the alley next to the smoking building we took a quick rest. Everyone was panting from the sprint across the street. My dad leaned against the wall and managed to say, “Everyone that was great. Still keep up the work, for I fear that we are still in great danger. We must NOT be seen.”

Just as he said that, a bomb came whistling through the sky and hit the street our house was on. No... No... Please.... keep our house safe. Smoke and flames started to rise, so I gasped. Our house... It was gone. I held back tears to make myself seem strong. I did not want my family to see that I was a coward. My mother and father both looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Tis too bad…” said Papa looking down at his feet in shame.

My dad sighed and waved signaling us to keep going. We continued through the end of the alley, turned the corner onto the next street, and went about two blocks until we turned left into another alley. As we rushed down it, a small calico cat pounced up onto an old trash can. It hissed and puffed up trying to make itself look ferocious, but jumped down and realized that there were greater dangers about. Poor kitty... He must be scared to death. Frightened like us…

As we continued to dodge empty boxes and garbage in the alleys, I noticed that we were starting to come to a wealthier part of town. Instead of ugly abandoned houses that were falling apart around my house, there were green hills and parks ahead of us. We swiftly ran out into the new street. The streets were freshly paved and wide enough for two cabs to easily pass one another. Unlike my street where the pavement was falling apart and as wide as two sidewalks put together.

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LaylaViolet said...
Oct. 1, 2009 at 1:37 pm
Very good so far. It's taking me a while to read. I like how suspenseful you keep it all. Each time I read on, I get a little surprised. Keep it up and high!
kiska_puppy11 replied...
Oct. 8, 2009 at 11:18 am
Thanks! I am writing a sequel called "Tonight We Come". It is going to be the soldier's point of view and little bit about his life.
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